Teacher On The Run


-For Allegedly Impregnating Student

By Esau J. Farr

TNR, Monrovia, Liberia: Report from Western Liberia speaks of a classroom teacher allegedly impregnating a fifth Grade Student in Grand Cape Mount County.

The classroom teacher identified as Bockarie Jetteh believed to be in his thirties (30s) is reported to have made several verbal sexual advances and attempts on the girl, something that reportedly forced the 15 years old 5th Grade student to report the matter to her parents in Tewor District, Grand Cape Mount County.

The teacher is said to have been informed and warned about his un-academic and unethical practices against the school girl at the only Public School in the area. This did not yield any good result.

A Truth FM correspondent in the area reported that after the parents of the child informed school authorities about the situation at hands, the teacher further added insult to injury by reducing to request to the girl and her parents into writing expressing his desire for a sexual relationship with the girl (named with-held).

Jetteh continued his advances on the girl last October and was successful in making the girl to fall prey to his plan action.

It is reported that from last month, the mother of the child and other community residents began to notice strange behaviors in the girl something that led to one of her (school girl) aunties secretly taking her out for a checkout early this December 2018 and was confirmed to be pregnant for more than two months.

The news of the 15 years old girl’s pregnancy quickly spread in the community and on campus. This led Jetteh to have gone in hiding.

The classroom teacher is said to be a Sierra Leonean living in Liberia. He has been teaching there for years now.

The New Education Law of 2011 prohibits student-to-teacher and or teacher-to-student social or sexual relationship and deems it as an offense punishable under Liberian laws ranging from warning, suspension, dismissal and revoking of certificate of license amongst others based on the gravity and nature of the case or crime committed.  NR

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