Taylor Free At Last

MONROVIA-The Supreme Court of Liberia has reaffirmed the decision of the National Elections Commission (NEC) declaring Sermon Taylor as winner from the December 8, 2021 special senatorial election in Grand Cape Mount County.
Handling down verdict in a fraud and irregularity case on appeal by Victor Watson, ruling party’s candidate against NEC and the Collaborating Political Parties candidate Sermon Taylor, the High Court ruled that Taylor be certificated and his full benefits and other rights given him as though he was certificated with his colleagues in January of this year.

The Supreme Court of Liberia is the highest court and final arbiter of justice in the country.
With this latest verdict, Sermon Taylor is expected to take seat at the Liberian Senate in the coming days.
The court in its judgment said Watson failed to produce evidence that Taylor or his family members did registered and voted twice.

The March 28, 2021 recount according to the high court was enough to uncovered any act of irregularities and fraud as claimed by the complainant on grounds the process was witnessed and subsequently signed by all parties involved, but same also fall short of any record that Taylor voted twice.

Assuming without admitting that seven of Taylor’s family members registered and voted twice, the court holds that it still cannot amount to the number of votes attained by the Grand Cape Mount Senator-elect.
On the issue of pre-mark ballots by NEC polling Officers and CPP Poll watcher, the court wondered how the complainant know that ballots were marked in favor of Taylor when he, Watson did not had poll-watchers at the disputed polling places.

The court in its judgment, indicated that NEC is the best entity to establish the intend of Mr. Taylor double voting; and in as much the commission did not find any intend and that the NEC record also shows that Taylor voted once, same cannot overturn it.
The court noted that the former Senator, Victor Watson complaint or allegation was based on what he saw and heard, rather than the FRR which according to that honorable court, is the best evidence to show that Taylor also voted twice.

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