Talking Politics in Liberia: The Political Animosity

By Jefferson Togba, USA

Thank goodness to the victory of multiparty democracy in Liberia. The multipartism has drown more and more youth into politics. Youth are at heart of policy and decision seats unlike prior to multipartism democracy.

In politics we fight intellectually and ideologically to earn state power. Not through physical fight and being violence.

In other words, proffer the best social, economic, political, educational, infrastructural ideas and policies to win state power.

Partisanship are found with likeminded ideologists institutionally. Not political animosity as seen in Liberia since the inception of multipartism and parties pluralism.

Liberians ideologists always blamed and condemned those in power, but when given the same power, they turned off to be worse than previous regimes.

We find individuals and pollical institutions with political duality just to be in power and to abuse authority. Political actors see and think very well when they are not in power.

Some hold political duality to friends to the power that BE. Not because they believe in the party’s philosophy.

Approach to politics in Liberia is extremely polarized. Those in power do not accept contrary views but expect nothing short of praise. So are their supporters.

Youth on either side of the aile will abuse and fight opposing views holders. We saw that during the 1985 election when young inexperience and ignorance security personnel in key positions harassed opposition figures. Some were killed in opened day light.

Also during the 1997 special elections young supporters of former warlord and President Charles G Taylor supporters pulled acid on presidential candidate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf supporters in Ganta Nimba County.

Then the same violence and disrespect for opposition were carried out again by young supporters of CDC by unity party supporters in 2005 and 2011 state police. Also the 2017 elections that brought President Weah to power experienced similarly.

The political animosity becomes key factor in every election whether national election, bi-election etc.

The animosity has create fears and frustrati6on amongst electorate on one hand and candidates on other hand in articulating their policies, views and canvassing.

Youth have been told by political masters to only check party emblem or symbols without conscience choice.

Instead of educating them on vote ,leadership, governance, policy rationale and accountability. It’s just vote on party line.

If they don’t vote on political party narrative or else they’re traitors.

Manifest into party whip that lives in parliament too. Parliamentarians forget National duties and policies agenda to promote party sentiment.

We are told by our political hatchery and party that our ways are rights while opposition ways are wrong.

I have the privilege of living insecurity and security in Liberia. These circumstances were not individuals choices but political anarchy.

We can’t have a holistic solution when oppositions are not good to express their opinions. We have to work together irrespective of our political IDENTITY.

We have more negative attitudes toward people from the other spectrum-called oppositions.

We avoid them and political eco chamber. Because of threat from political and social views are more correct with no challenge to them. But we are placed in a position where we have to listen to other side where it can get intense and hostile very quickly.

Today , in Liberia we have more discomfort in talking Politics. Talking Politics and the president makes it unsecured to talk Politics and policy with a stranger.

Even friends. Why? We don’t know their side and usual strong reactions to defense party and the President in power.

In comparison, more citizens are comfortable talking freely about others things than Politics. However, nothing is short of politics.

Majority of Liberians are frustrated and find it very difficult, afraid, anger to talk to the other team-opposition. Sometimes, they ripped each other physically in support of their side.

Here is the good thing it doesn’t have to be hard and scary time to express your thoughts on National issues. However, it’s sad case for Liberians and Liberia.

Youth of Liberia prospective, facts and ideas represent face of violent politics. The other aile classified you as ‘blind to reality’ and don’t understand “the issues or politics”. Notwithstanding there are more good youth among the bad ones

You know your party philosophy and not the political minds and ideas of the other side. Therefore, accept diversity of political views and opinions.
No one views and opinions supreme over others. Seek dialogue not monologue.

My biggest piece of advice to young people these days is to stay in the middle and look on monologs.

Taking side wrongly has destroyed your future. Stop being politicians Shields and scapegoats . They have nothing to reward your efforts but tell you to continuously wait.

Conversation are powerful intellectual and political weapons use to draw and win other through ideas and polices. Then how do you have conservation with the beginning war of words?

Be quick to listen and slow to anger and ask your conversation partner about their views and understanding.

Sometimes, tension can be a good thing.

Who do you vote for and why? Many times, there no why but just vote.

Youth are unconsciously willing and accept to be trucked for $20.00 or $50.00 to give their vote aimlessly. These pledges are never fulfilled by politicians after given vote for economic circumstances and political sentiment.

Most times people don’t understand politics and just go with their guts so don’t blame them largely but political leaders failed and refused to present policies and agenda. Neither any program.

If you don’t listen and continuously blast other for their side. This political animosity will live a long way in Liberia. This animosity have make more young people more divided and enrich politicians at their ignorant.

This animosity of political defense has teared young people apart. Multipartism creates several choices and alternatives decision-making institutions. But young people ignorantly don’t get it.

Don’t fight and abuse other for their side and support to any candidate . If we all were having one side then there will definitely and obviously be no election and oppositions.

Stop political animosity and accept diversity of opinions. We have had so much fights for no obvious reason.

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