Taking Government To The People

The Liberian Chief Executive, His Excellency, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has decided to take his performance ratings to the Liberian populace by way of his current national county tours.


This is a welcome and a politically astute move by a youthful looking head-of-state who is still finding his way through the labyrinths of national governance, and international-geo-politics.


President Weah had been well schooled in the finite art of avoiding sticky situations, most especially during his impeccable and illustrious career on the pitch. He will need this natural endowment


Being Head of state of a city state of a country like Liberia with congenital disciplinary issues creates nightmare for the most seasoned of politicians.


Truth be told, President Weah is exhibiting tremendous commitment and a remarkable political will to the infrastructural development of this Republic.


This is a laudable effort by the Chief Executive.


What we need now is the implementation of these noble ideals to be transformed into fruition by his to government cadres.


In all institutions, since Jesus Christ’s missionary endeavors have their own Judas.


President Weah’s level of political maturity has placed him in a pivotal position to be able to read the geo-political and navigational compass his office so desperately needs.


Granted, the president has time on his hands and some good will, nationally, to make the needed adjustments.


The question remains, will he meet the national adjustment criteria?





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