Take Time and Read These international Reports

By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail .com

MONROVIA-The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National  Water Sanitation and Hygiene Commission (NWASHC) Bobby Whitfield has urged all cabinet ministers of the Liberian Government to take up time and read those international reports on the government’s programs and other development activities.

Mr. Whitfield said it is very important for cabinet ministers to read keenly those reports when they are summited on behalf of the country by the developmental partners.

According to him, such information will put those ministers in a position to fully be informed and understand where the government is lacking behind in terms of progress of the developmental agenda.

Speaking Wednesday, January 26, 2022, during a Validation on the United Nation Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking -Water (GlAAS) Liberia Country Survey, Mr. Whitfield said Liberia‘s commitment to those reporting platforms are intended to enhance the country’s profile in the global development agenda.

“The GlAAs reports are not the first time, every time you participate in something you get a better idea and improve on it, so I want to thank everyone who participated in ensuring that this report, was able  to gather  our data  successfully  and we will be able  to submit.

Liberia Reporting to these reporting platforms really enhanced the country’s profile” he noted.

The NWASHC Boss further said those reports tell the country development partners that the government cares about those things that they have done through them for the people of Liberia.

He further disclosed that the developmental partners have applied more efforts in soliciting funding for the development of Liberia that will make a greater impact on the citizenry.

Mr. Whitfield further disclosed that upon the final submission of the GLAAS Report the   National  Water Sanitation and Hygiene Commission will organize a stakeholder gathering to provide that basic information regarding the report and its vital role in the transformation of the developmental programs of the country.

He also extolled all of those Government ministries and agencies including the WASH Commission for the collaborative efforts in gathering the data for the GLAAS Report.

Also speaking during the validation the Wash Specialist at the National Water Sanitation and Hygiene Commission Eugene Caine said the participants were validating the data that were collected for the parts few weeks.

According to him, there is a country survey that is presently going on   Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking –Water worldwide, stating that Liberia happens to be a part of the survey.

Mr. Caine; “We have been collecting data from various institutions we have now come to validate that information that we collected”.

He further disclosed that Liberia has been reporting on GLAAS over the years indicating that the country can no way underreport in this year’s report stressing that Liberia needs to move upward.

Mr. Caine said it is important for the WASH –Commission as a regulator of the WASH sector in Liberia to work collectively with other partners to be in the position to report reliable information that will put the country on the international reporting scorecard.

He said the GLAAS Report will allow the government to understand those challenges be it policy and work to improve the sector by ensuring that those policies are put into place for the overall good of the country’s transformation among others.

The WASH Environmental Heath Manger for World Health Organization Country Office Quincy Goll the GLAAS  is a platform that is created to give the government the opportunity to do a self-examination in an effort of achieving the Sustainable Development Gold 6.

“WHO as an international body has the authority to ensure at the national level that these indicators or data are gathered and information is disseminated at the international front and so what every need that can be met, so we do not do it alone we also work with our partners” he noted.

Mr. Goll use the event to appreciate all of those who participated in gathering those data and the validation process.

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