Sycophant-EX-NPP Chairman describes Weah’s advisor

MONROVIA-The former Chairman of the National Patriotic party(NPP), Chief Cyril Allen has descried the communication advisor to president Weah, Gabriel Nyenkan  as  sycophant.

He made the statement on Wednesday  at his office in Sinkor to reporters following  radio remarks the communication advisor to president George Weah  remarks against the NPP.

The NPP is part of the  Coalition  that constitutes the Coalition for Democratic Change. Those parties are: the CDC-Congress for Democratic Change-NPP headed by current vice president Jewel Howard Taylor and the Liberian People Democratic Party of Alex Tyler, former speaker of the house of Representatives.

Nyenkan told a local radio talk show recently that the NPP should be grateful to the Congress for Democratic Change for bringing it  back to political life.

“The NPP must be grateful to the Congress for Democratic Change. Kelvin, we know in this town that the NPP had become a striped frame of a vehicle and could bring nothing to the table, save the experience that you talked about. And that was all. Even money, they did not have,” Nyenkan   added during his talk show on Prime FM.

These statements, Chief Allen said were unfortunate and described him as sycophant. He  described Mr. Nyanka as  a person who only survives on regimes or government jobs.   Chief Allen is the Chairman for National Social Security and Welfare Corporation-NASCORP.

Gabriel Nyenkan

“During the time we were in the bushes campaigning, asking our people to give us the opportunity to serve, I did not record seeing him around. He was with the Unity Party, but now the CDC is at the helm of national powers, he’s now creating hates among the three political parties only for him to be seen as hero here.”

He continued: “These are young people of second or third generation of leaders who survive on lies, falsehood and say all kinds of things in the ears of the President, only to be given attention and be given or get a better place in government. They did the same to my friend Doe (slain President Samuel Doe) my dear brother and friend Taylor (imprisoned former President Charles Taylor). So Doe is dead and Taylor is in jail. So as national leaders, you have to be very careful and mindful about gossips.”




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