MONROVIA_ Oct 5_ Supplying West Africa Trading, SWAT has secured 23,000(Twenty three thousand) metric tons of rice to be brought into the country next week to ease the shortage of rice on the local market.

Top sources  at SWAT told New Republic Newspaper Wednesday.

The emergency supply is due next week in  Monrovia after an arrangement from one of its partners in neighbouring Ivory coast was reached on Tuesday.

“Yes, by next week, there will be a ship here with rice. You know this company has been in the business for many years and has been ensuring that the country’s stable food is always available on the market,” the source who declined to be named said.

Recently, there has been a short supply of rice, the country’s stable food on the market.Government has been meeting with rice importers to help resolve the situation.

But SWAT, the largest rice importer is seen as the pillor for supplying rice. Also, it has been the main importer that usually rescues the country in times of shortage of rice.

Recently, when there was a short supply, the government asked her to ensure the availability of rice.

When contacted an official from the . Ministry of Commerce, one senior government official said: “we have been assured of rice coming into the country next week by SWAT. We have total confidence in that company. Besides that, more rice   will be here this month.”

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