SWAL Condemns Repeated Attacks on Journalists

MONROVIA-The leadership of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia has condemned repeated attacks on its members including all journalists in the Republic of Liberia and has called for investigation into most recent attack on its Secretary General, Julius Konton of Fortune TV.

“SWAL will not take lightly unprofessional acts by security officers always so when its members are victimized while carrying out their professional duties unharmed. currently and due to the incident, journalist Konton as an executive mansion reporter also can’t cover the President’s annual message due to the aftermath pain he is experiencing and is undergoing home medication, this is troubling and needs urgent intervention,” a release from the institution quotes authorities at the sport reporting body.

The institution recounted previous attacks on their members adding “It is exactly one year since FPA sports editor and full member of SWAL Christopher Walker was disgracefully dragged and manhandled by joint security at the SKD Sports Complete while carrying out his reportorial duty as an assigned and accredited journalist covering the NCSM as up till press time no results from the so called and empty investigation has been made public”.

The release said, just one year ago, the same situation resurfaced involving Sports Writers Association SG Julius Konton who was pushed and slapped by officer of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) with number 2132 and threatened to be beaten with a gun butt.

The SWAL SG after distributing his members’ passes as part of his duty later on tried to make his way into the stadium to do his live commentary, he was unfortunately blocked and prevented from entering through the VIP entrance even though he displayed his media pass and explained to them that he is the SG of the Sports Writers of Liberia and the assigned sports reporter for the County meet accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, yet he was not given ears.

The SWAL SG explained that he identified one of the staffs and tried to again explain and ask her why he should not use the VIP entrance, but rather gate five, it was at that point he said ERU officer stepped in,  slap and pushed journalist Konton.

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