Suspend Minister Cooper

-Senator Tornolah Urges Pres. Weah

By, Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-The Liberian Senate Committee   Chairman on Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Senator Jim Tornonlah has pushed for President George Weah to suspend Agriculture Minister Jeannie Cooper and others following the Ministry of Justice’s submission of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission investigative reports on the Ministry of Agriculture.

Recently, the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission concluded its investigation on the alleged act of corruption, linking the Minister of Agriculture Jeannie Cooper to corruption through its reports.

In line with the act that established the LACC  following its investigation on institutions including Government Ministries and Agencies that are managing pubic funds and hooked in alleged malpractice of corruption,  to submit said finding to the Ministry of Justice for indictment and prosecution.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice is to submit such a report indicting those being held liable for such act to the president for action.

Speaking Thursday, June 30, 2022, on the state radio, the Margibi County Senator indicated that it will be prudent for the Liberian Leader to suspend Minister Cooper and others during their prosecution.

According to him, the President should suspend those officials who are indicted to   have their day in court freely without working or heading such entity during their indictment.

“My perspective as a Senator and Chairman on Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery  is  that  those who are affected, let  the President endorse  the report that will come at his desk  through  the Justice Ministry , and secondly,  let the President suspend the Minister and  those who are culpable  to have their days in court” ,he said.    

 Senator Tornonlah alleged that millions of United States Dollars go to the Ministry of Agriculture and the effect of the leadership is not being felt on the farmers in terms of the distribution of the resources that should make farmers more interested into agriculture development.

He told  the media  that  his committee was  the first  to unearth  the act of corruption at the Ministry of Agriculture  through  their report  to the Plenary  that was indorsed and sent to the  Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission  for investigation.

However, our institution has not independently verified such claim by Senator Tornonlah. 

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