Supreme Court Fines LCAA Over Helicopter Saga

MONROVIA-The Chamber-Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia has fined the management of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LACC) the sum of five hundred United States dollars.

Associate Justice Yussif Kaba’s decision to fine the LCAA management is as the result of an alleged disrespectful action shown towards the High Court.

This amount in question is to be paid in government’s revenue and receipt turned over to the clerk of the Supreme Court within the coming week, the LCAA is mandated.

Similarly, the Chamber Justice has withheld issuing the writ of prohibition prayed for by the management of Kwenyan and Associate Group of Companies to mandate the LACC to allow its helicopter in Liberia.

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, Justice Kaba declined granting the Ccompany’s plea to issue the alternative writ of prohibition on the LCAA to do the honorable thing on the basis of procedural errors.

October 15, 2021, the Company filed a petition before the justice-in-chambers, pleading with the court to crackdown on the LCAA’s authority to do the right things.

On May 3, 2021, Kwenyan and Associate purchased a bell 430 Helicopter with serial number 49075 and current registration number from the National Airways Corporation of South Africa.

In accordance with the LCAA regulations of Liberia, the Company allegedly informed LCAA of the purchase of the aircraft and was requested issuance of an Air Service License to enable NAC fly the Helicopter to Liberia.

Accordingly, a flight clearance was issued by the LCAA October 5, 2021 after Kwenyan and Associate had complied with all the regulatory requirements to fly an aircraft into Liberia.

But October 13, 2021, the LCAA allegedly voided the flight and landing permission without the knowledge of the on company when the helicopter was in Liberian airspace; thus prompting the helicopter to revert to Ivory Coast.

The petitioners maintained that the respondents without notice voided fight and landing permission on October 13, just when the Helicopter was in Liberian airspace thereby prompting the helicopter to revert to Cote de Voire.

Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia has denied ever landing permit to Kwenyan and Associates Group of Company.

“The Government of Liberia through the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority(LCAA) stated that at no time did it deny Kwenyan & Associates Group of Company landing permit as the LCAA did not receive a request from nor issue them any such landing permit in keeping with its procedures.”

Government’s clarity comes after a conference with Justice-In-Chambers Yussif D. Kaba as a result of a writ of prohibition filed by the Kwenyan and Associates Group of Company claiming that they were issued a landing permit which was later revoked by the LCAA.

In a release issued late Wednesday, October 20, 2021, the government through LCAA says at no time did Kwenyan and Associates Group of Company request for landing permit to the LCAA for which it’s filed for a writ of Prohibition.

The Group’s application for an Air Service License is still being reviewed by the LCAA in keeping with the Liberia Civil Aviation and relevant international Regulations and is pending the fulfillment of all the requirements, the release said.

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