“Support The Continuation Of Development”

...Minister Blamoh Urges Cape Montanans

MONROVIA-The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, G. Wesseh Blamoh on his ralled citizens of Grand Cape Mount County in support of President George Weah’s second term bid.

Speaking in vote-rich Gold Camp in Gola Konneh District, Minister Wesseh urged the people of Grand Cape Mount to make a wise decision by giving President Weah another second six years mandate in order to continue on the path of development and progress for the nation.

“Balance the Equation as you did during the past regime in order to see a completion of development across the country”, the Minister of State said.

He named the free tuition policy initiated by President Weah for all public-run tertiary institutions of learning, and the payment of WASSCE fees for all twelve graders among others as sufficient reasons for the re-election of the current Liberian leader.

According to him, the re-election victory writings for Mr. Weah are already clearly on the walls, especially with the impact and immense transformation his boss has made across Liberia.

”In October, I will not be there, your parents will not be there but George Weah will be there as such, I encourage you to make the wise decision in your interest,” he told the people of Grand Cape Mount County and Liberians at large.

The former Grand Kru County Representative also acknowledged the pivotal role the first-time voters of the country have to play in the upcoming political process and was quick to call on them to see the political process as significant to their future growth.

Speaking on the concern of lack of clinics within the area, Minister Blamoh did not give assurance to them but stated that he hears their concern and will come back adding that it was unfortunate to have a populated area like Gold Camp with the lack of said key facility.

Responding, the citizens of Gold Camp in Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County danced, Sang, and chanted political slogans assuring a one-round victory for President Weah.

They described it as fake and false news rumors circulating that the people of Grand Cape Mount are not for President Weah.

According to them, they are resolved and remain unbinding in their quest to ensure the re-elect of George Weah to the core.

Gold Camp is a mining area located in Gola Konneh District Grand Cape Mount County.

Meanwhile, residents there have repeatedly complained of the lack of basic social services as well as empowerment for them.

They named the lack of health care facilities, women and youth empowerment, unemployment, and inadequate teachers as pressing issues they want to be addressed especially when they are host to millions of dollars investment by Turkish Bea Mountain Mining Company.

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