Supermarket Residents Appeal For Electricity


By T. Saye Goinleh

Residents of Supermarket Community on the Somalia Drive in Gardnerville are appealing to the government of Liberia through the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to help restore electricity to the area to improve the lives and economic activities of those residing there.

The residents signaled the appeal in separate interviews with reporters recently following a mass meeting which focused mainly on the electricity issue affecting the inhabitants of the Supermarket settlement thereby leading to criminal activities.

Augustine Flomo who is the chairman of the Supermarket area told the team of reporters the community has not had electricity supply for more than three years and residents are continuously being told by the leadership of LEC that their problem is due to damaged transformers.

According to Flomo, the situation has adversely affected the lives of his people which is also being compounded by the lack of other social amenities such as safe drinking water, hospitals and schools, due to the strategic location of the community.

“In terms of infrastructure, we are lacking a lot. We don’t have water, electricity, good schools and hospitals’’, Flomo lamented.

Two other dwellers in the Supermarket settlement, Miss Mary Williams and Mrs. Veronica Toe also reechoed the condition the people of the area are faced with. They said as women involved in local trade, in the absence of electricity they appealing to people of good will to assist them construct warehouse to store their goods from criminals.

Another business woman, Madam Patience Tarpeh told newsmen that running a business in the community without electricity was becoming very expensive as prices of gasoline and diesel are skyrocketing on a daily basis, something according to her is causing those in business not to gain profit.

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