SUP launches “Fix The Country” Rally Campaign July 26


MONROVIA-The Student Unification Party (SUP) is poised to launch what they called, “Fix The Country” Rally Campaign.

The campaign, according to a press statement signed by Jusu Kamara, Secretary General and approved Mustapha N. Kanneh, Chairman of the institution, is expected July 26, 2022 a day set aside to celebrate Liberia’s Independence as a country, and they rally support for a nationwide protest against the Collation for Democratic Change (CDC) lead government.

They are expected to protest based on what they called CDC government under President George M. Weah Despotism over Economic Failure, Massive Corruption, Bad Governance, and State Collapse.

Kanneh said in the statement that it has been five years since the homeland was beseeched by not just one of the worst tragedies ever in the country’s history, but also the least yet fraudulent collection of people who are so bereft of statecraft.

According to the students, the last five years have been very turbulent and tumultuous for the Liberian people as discontent; hopelessness and frustration overwhelm them due to the poor leadership that presides over the Country. Liberia is at a critical juncture where the path to a progressive state-building remains elusive to the people; with no hope, horror has become the official symbol of the country.

“Hard times and crises have befallen the people thus subjecting the masses of the Liberian people to horror and economic despondency. This is a miasma never experienced before in the motherland” Kanneh said in the statement.

He said that SUP is shocked with how President Weah has plunged the state into reverse.

He added, “The economy is in atrophy and vulgar insolvency. Five years counting the CDC-Weah formation cannot boast of a single Foreign Direct Investment or any noteworthy investment in the country to contribute to youth employment.

Frustratingly, businesses are experiencing mass closure due to bad economic policy, fiscal misrule and corruption. Investors are running away from Liberia. Because of these, unemployment continues to skyrocket consequently leading to the harsh living conditions of the Liberian people.”

According to him, today in Liberia, more children are selling in the streets then they were before 2018 and many more kids are missing basic primary and secondary education.

“The cost of living continues to increase while the government is endlessly harmonizing civil servants salaries. Dependency is growing. Poverty is multiplying and hunger has reached an unprecedented height. George Weah has consigned a once thriving republic to the pit of acrimonious destitution- a trilogy of everything bad!” the student group said.

Part of the reasons they are to protest among other things are the alleged stealing of over US$ 24.8 million National Road Fund by Min. Samuel Tweah, the alleged stealing of National Census Fund by Francis Wreh, Lawrence George and Wilmot F. Smith Jr. as indicted by the LACC June 2022 report, the alleged criminal maneuvering of Min. Jennie Cooper at the Agriculture Ministry as indicted by the LACC June 2022 report and the Economic failure of the state and harsh social conditions imposed on the Liberian people by the regime.

Other reasons are what they called the Failure of the government to publish all financial records of the government from 2018 to the present, the allege constant violation of the constitution by the president and his minions, the “compromised and Kangaroo” Justice system where justice has been placed on the market, wasting 900 thousand dollars for Washington lobby annually among other are the reasons they are taking to the streets to call let the government know that they are not proceeding well.

“Finally, the Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party calls on its militants, stalwarts, ideologues, and cadres to begin massive mobilization from community to community, streets to streets, forums to forums, and markets to markets to rally the people as we set to move in history on July 26!.Long Live Massecracy- Long Live SUP! Gwei Fei Kpeh- The struggle continues!” the student group said.

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