Sue the Government

...Says.Solicitor General

By;Washington Tumay Watson onewash9@gmail

MONROVIA-The head of the Government prosecuting arm, Liberia Solicitor General Cllr. Syrennius Cephus has urged Liberians and other nationalities  to take advantage  of the legal process   to sue  the Liberian Government  if  they feel peeved.

He said it is  the legal rights  of everybody  under  the law of Liberia  to seek redress  through  the court  regarded  who  is involved .

Speaking  on a local media OK FM Afternoon Conversation  during  this week ,  the Solicitor General said  there  is no need  for  the citizens   to take law into  their own hands  when  the courts are  there  to provide  redress on   those things   that  have infringe on his or her rights .

According  to him , the public  needs  to understand  the procedure leading  to  the legal process , stating  that  if a person wants  to sue  in the civil law court , such a person needs  to file within 15 days  before  the opening  of  the term  of court  in line with  the proceeding .

He further said  citizens  have  their constitutional rights    to  protest,  but not  to engage into  confrontation  with  the police.

The Former Liberian Journalist  now legal practitioner said protesters  have  the privilege  to place road blocks of which  is not a crime emphasizing that  it is  the responsibility of the police  to remove such road block  but indicated  that if  the police removes  those road  blocks  that could  be place on the street by  the protestors  and  the protesters  confront    the police not  to remove such road blocks, it is an offense that the police  can institute an arrest.

According to him, the police have the statutory rights to maintain peace and stability with in confirm of the law.

Cllr. Cephus further disclosed  that  Liberians are not making use  of the laws   to take  their Government  to court, stressing  that he  is not effectively  instituting  the legal matters for  the Government  for which he is paid for  only because  there  is no case.

He told the media that during his days   as a private lawyer, he always used to take advantage of the law by legal action against the government.


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