“Strange Muslim Group In Liberia”


-Traditional Muslims Give Early Warnings

By Esau J. Farr

This paper has reliably learnt about the presence of a strange group of Muslims in Liberia.

According to a local Liberian journalist in Western Liberia, traditional Muslim leaders who first evangelized the Western Liberia region have told their followers not to go away from the earliest teachings given them from their Prophet, Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

Mark Rogers quoted the traditional Muslim heads as cautioning Muslims in the area not to follow the new teachings being introduced by those from Europe.

According to the traditional Muslims, the strange Muslims under the name ‘Shia Muslims’ who recently arrived in Liberia are bent on telling those they considered ‘Original Muslims’ to pray three times a day contrary to five times as directed by Mohammed, ‘The Prophet of God’ and other practices.

Under Islamic laws and belief, every staunch Muslim is obliged to observe the task of prayer at least five times daily, something the ‘Strange Muslims’ have come to dispel saying, “that was too much to obey.”

The strangers are said to be inducing Muslims in Liberia with cash in order to gain relevance and turn many away from the original teachings of Islam something Imams in Liberia have frowned at to the highest level.

Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity with belief and slogan that it stands for peace, love and unity, but most terrorists and insurgencies including mass bombings and killings of innocent people worldwide are attributed to people of Muslim backgrounds including Islamic State, Al-Shaba, Boko Haram and almost all suicide bombers are alleged to be Muslims.

Unlike Christianity and others, believers of the Islamic faith are bent on forcing initiation and neglecting and rejecting their siblings who choose to follow different religions.

There is also alleged that in Islam if one dies in war in battle for self-defense, his or her soul goes to Heaven and therefore Muslims do not relent in getting involve with anything that leads to the death of a person in a battlefield (jihad).

It is also a known fact that hundreds if not thousands of Muslims die each year in Mecca during their annual pilgrimage seeking blessings from the founder of the Islamic faith, Mohammed.

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