“Stop Touching Us At Inappropriate Places”

-As AFELL Calls On Pres. Weah To Issue A Zero Tolerance Statement; That Protects Women in Liberia

MONROVIA-The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has called on President George Weah to issue a zero-tolerance statement that protects Women in Liberia.

Speaking recently at the Law Day under the theme: “Advancing the rule of law through decent work and access to justice and accountability,” the President of AFELL, Atty. Philomena T. Williams alleged that women are marginalized and unprotected in Liberia.

“We call on the Feminist-In-Chief, our pa, our brother, the President to issue a Zero Tolerance Statement that protects the rights of women and girls in Liberia in all areas,” the AFELL boss concluded.

She also urged all lawyers in the country to provide efficient and ethical legal services to all irrespective of status in society lamenting the ‘continuous marginalization of women’ in the country.

“Women are undervalued; they are lowly paid, underrepresented in leadership positions. And so, we say today that the theme of advancing the rule of law,  through decent work and access to justice and accountability is captivating to us as it pertains to the rights of women under the Decent work Act of 2015 and Decent work for all under the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals,” Atty. Williams said.

She further said, “This theme speaks about fairness, and how women are treated at workplaces. They are marginalized, in work assignments. It comes across in the executive, legislature, market places and agriculture sectors. What the men can do, we can do better. She stressed that at the workplace, sexual harassment whether direct or indirect is not acceptable; stop touching us at inappropriate places.

Atty. Williams further stated that “we are all actors in advancing the Rule of Law; individuals, institutions and even the government and it requires the action of every one of us.”

Meanwhile, the AFELL President has called on the Liberia Council of Churches to go beyond just preaching the word of God and start acting.

“We call on the council of churches that when you are preaching the word of God, kindly protect women under the law, speak on the issues that affect everyday reality and don’t tell us love your neighbor as yourself and don’t kill and you don’t link it with what’s happening today when a woman is killed in her bedroom,” she added.

At the same time, Atty. Williams is calling on the Liberia National Police (LNP) to exert every effort in advancing the rule of law for all.

She said, “We called on the police to exhaust all elements in investigating, collecting, analyzing before speaking on the issues. It has affected a lot of several cases in our country, especially women and you know them.”

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