“Stop Publicizing Our Tradition”

By: Emmanuel Tarpeh Quiah-Maryland County Reporter

Following a day-long press conference, the traditional leaders of Pleebo Sodoken Electoral District #2, Maryland county have called on President George M. Weah to warn defeated House Speaker, Bhofal Chambers to stop accusing them falsely and stop bringing their tradition to public ridicule.

According to a release from the traditional people, failure forPresident Weah to quickly intervene, he might likely not get more votes from Maryland County Electoral District #2 in the November 14, 2023 Runoff Election.

The release continue, “We are constrained to inform national government and other international partners about the immense pressure perpetuated by a senior government official who has miserably failed in the October 10 polls as per NEC results, but yet continues to instigate violence and other chaotic means within our district by denigrating our cultural norms and tradition under the canopy of politics. This press statement is intended to address the needful and make our position clear as it relates to the runoff elections in Pleebo Sodoken District and Maryland County at large,” they pointed out.

The statement continues that the citizens and residents of PleeboSodoken District want to let President George Weah know through their official press release about the attempt of one of his officials in person of the Speaker, Bhopal Chambers’intention to undermine the peace and democracy of their dearest district, Pleebo Sodoken District by vehemently influencing and working to temper with the results of the October 10 polls, which put his major rival, Mr. Anthony F. Williams in the lead as earlier announced by the National Election Commission (NEC).

They added that in every democracy, the will of the people prevails and must be respected by everyone regardless of their status in government or the country as a whole.

They clarified speculations made by some false and glutton media institutions in Monrovia that the people of PleeboSodoken District have threatened to boycott the Presidential Runoff Elections if Speaker Chambers isn’t given duel process as per his complaint filed to the National Election Commissionterming such claim as false and misleading and has no iota of truth.

“It’s a mere propaganda from Speaker Bhofal Chambers and few of his supporters.  In conclusion, the Bill of Exception filed in by Mr. Chambers was investigated and dismissed by the NEC Board of Commissioners according to one of Liberia liable newspaper (Front Page Africa) on grounds that it lacks substance and judiciary proceedings,” the traditional people in Maryland County added.

“Finally, we stand by our words and commitment to President George Weah that if he doesn’t call his official to order, we will campaign through the length and breadth of Maryland County to reject him at the ballots box. The people’s voices must be heard and their decision must be upheld and respected by whosoever,”they concluded.

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