Stop Politicizing Dual Citizenship for Liberians- Maryland Senator Gbleh Bo Brown Asserts

MONROVIA-Maryland county senator Gbleh -Bo Brown has urged Liberians who are residing in the country to do away with act of politicizing dual citizenship for Liberians living in the diaspora.

Senator Brown  said  those Liberians  who are seeking dual citizenship  should not  be deprived of  their birth rights  only because  of  the opportunity  given  them   to be  in the diaspora.

Deliberating  on the importance  of dual citizenship at  the Launched  of  the 13th Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) International Summit  in Monrovia , the Maryland County Lawmaker  said  those people who  are in  the diaspora are  Liberians,  stressing  that   they  are not talking about different nationality.

“The notion we have,  these people in the diaspora  they are Liberians  that  is  the greatest advantage, we are not talking about people  from different nationality . We are talking about people from our home land  “he indicated

He said there is need for Liberians to now engage in discussing the positive about the dual citizenship for Liberians.

Senator Brown however committed to provide whatever support in achieving the dual citizenship for Liberians.

He said one of the things that is affecting the acceptance of the dual Citizenship for Liberians is fear.

According  to him,  the decision  on the dual citizenship ,  there  is a need for clear  understanding with both  the locals  and that of  those Liberians in the diaspora.

Senator Brown further said Some Liberians  had not understood clearly  about  the dual citizenship  indicating  that  was some  of  the reasons  they  vote against  it.

He said wants the understanding   is there relating to their rights and how they were able to move to the diaspora   the locals will be able to alleviate   the fear relating to those residing in the diaspora.

Senator Brown said   the issue of dual citizenship, especially for Liberians have developmental benefit.

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