Stigmatized Legacy?

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The worth and achievements of leaders are recorded on the pages of history under the rubrics of one word and this is legacy and this can come either in positive or negative.

 Some leaders concerned about the aftermath of their administrations placed very high premium on the  reflective records when they have left power as history passes by to institute judgment on how best such administrations presented themselves during their tenures of active functions and how well did they listen and serve their people who employed them.

Whereas, some are unconcerned about honor and disgrace and no matter how they are cautioned to check brake, step back and take a careful and sober look into themselves and see what is going wrong and go back on the frontline and work out things for the better that will escape the woes of stigmatized legacy, the more they stand and coagulate the throat of receptiveness.

Few repented-minded leaders go through the rigor and take all the stitches in undoing that what would have marred their legacies by changing the pattern of plague for the better wherein portrays the usefulness of their legacies and ensuring that amidst all odds, they remained ever proud and joyful that their legacies will speak positively for them years after they are no longer leaders and weaving strong-fist power and authorities in their respective countries.

Others are asked in their times of active operations what legacies would they or intend leaving after quitting power; do they want to be remembered as the man of the people; the tears of the nation; the sufferers of the people with imposed abject poverty and acute hard time while disrespecting all the canons on the book with impunity; as the song of the era sounds disdainfully; it’s a problem in the house, and all the way, from problem to problem.

There are some leaders who out of ulterior motives cleverly embedded in the canopy of long standing buddle-connection empowered the lads to ensure that they (leaders) get their will, and aim accomplish without sweat yet at the expense of honesty and thorough disrespect of the law and rules of the land despite whatsoever oath taken before ascendancy to the helm of power and authority.

With all things negatively shaking, rocking and rolling in not too favorable shape, manner, style and form, the question is placed at your door stairs; what legacy would you like to leave back when you have exited the corridors of sweet power and unhindered super creamy authority? Legacy worthy of praiseworthiness or stigmatized legacy ?

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Alphonso Toweh Alphonso has  been in the profession for over twenty years. He has worked for many international media outlets including: West Africa Magazine, Africa Week Magazine, African Observer and did occasional reporting for CNN, BBC World Service, Sunday Times, NPR, Radio Deutchewells, Radio Netherlands. He is the current correspondent for Reuters. Mr. Toweh holds first MA with honors in International Relations and a candidate for second master in International Peace studies and Conflict Resolution.
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