Step Up CMT Budget To US$100k

MONROVIA-The Speaker of the House of Representatives Dr. Bhofal Chambers wants US$100.00 thousand dollars budgeted exclusively for the National County Meet.

This is because Chambers believes the underfunding of the National County Meet is critically a pressing national problem the nation has been and is still going through.

The Liberian National County Meet is the top knockout County tournament of the Liberian football inaugurated in 1956.

Speaking at the State of the Nation Address January 24, 2022, Chambers indicated that all the counties do not have the same capacity in preparing their teams hence said funding will aid them.

He claimed players often traveled under extreme conditions to the games expressing fear that if this trend continues, fairness in the process or the optimization of the County Meet competition will be a distant reality, if not an illusion.

Accordingly; Chambers cautions the State to take ownership and not only rely on the goodwill of individuals.

“It is therefore categorically timely that the Legislature appropriates One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$100,000) to each county directly to independently manage their funds for full participation in the competition,” he noted.

Speaker Chambers further indicated that Two Hundred Fifty Thousand United State dollars (US$250,000) could be provided to the Youth and Sports Ministry for its supervisory role in the conduct of the competition.

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