State Lawyer Allegedly Received US$200 Bribe

…To Compromise Rape Case

MONROVIA-20 years old Kerfala Kromah, a resident of  Wangarkor Town in Tewor District, Grand Cape Mount County has been arrested for allegedly raping a 13 years old girl in a nearby town called Nagbena.

Rape suspect Kromah allegedly abused the school-going girl on May 23, 2023 in Nagbena Town at the hour of 8:50 PM behind the NAGBENA Community School.

He was arrested a few days after the incident by officers of the Liberia National Police in Tewor District, especially officers from the Tienii Town Police Station.

The alleged rapist according to the Police Charged Sheet in the possession of this paper was investigated and charged with a crime of Rape and later forwarded to the Tienii Magisterial Court for prosecution.

Rape suspect Kromah who was taken to the Tienii Magisterial Court by LNP officer Henry Quaih who is also head of the Women and Children Protection Session of the LNP reportedly hand-delivered the suspect to the Clerk of Court.

But a few hours later, it was reported that suspect Kromah allegedly escaped from the Clerk of Court and is currently on the run or at large while officers of the court are said to be on the hunt for the alleged rapist.

Following the escape of the perpetrator, the head of the Women and Children Protection Session (WACPS), Henry Quaih alleged that City Solicitor Mohammed Kenneh received US$200 from one of the rape suspect’s relatives to allow him walk out of the Clerk’s office in the court.

The LNP officer alleged that the same relatives of the rape suspect promised to offer said amount (US$200) to him if he could be allowed their son go unprosecuted.

The Police Commissioner who spoke to the New Republic in an exclusive interview at his office in Tienii Town alleged that even when the same state lawyer served as Clerk of Court of the Tienii Magisterial Court some time ago, he was engaged in a similar unlawful act.

City Solicitor Mohammed Kenneh confirmed being approached and offered US$200 by family members of suspected rapist, Kerfala Kromah but denied taking said money and releasing the suspect. Mr. Kenneh added that he instructed relatives of the defendant to talk to the County Attorney concerning the money.

The rape suspect who is said to be at large has increased the number of alleged rape suspects on the run in the county.

According to a report from the county, most of the alleged rape cases reported and forwarded to court for further prosecution are at the same time compromised by perpetrators of the crime or court officers who allegedly receive money on many occasions.

Investigation into the case as to whether suspect Kromah’s relatives gave US$200 bribe to escape and whether the City Solicitor received the money continues.

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