Special Presidential Services Identifies with ‘Less Fortune Community’


-Ahead Of July 26 Celebration

Ahead of Liberia’s 171st Independence Day Celebration and recognizing the challenging times the people and country currently experiencing, the office of the Special Presidential Services on Saturday July 21, 2018 donated food items to workers and patients at the National Leprosy and Tuberculosis Control Program in Congo Town.

The donation in quantity which was considered a historic one by the warehouse manager of the TB annex, Emmanuel Barclay includes: Fifty of the twenty-five kg bags of rice, and about ten cartoons of fish.

The presentation is part of the office of the President own way of identifying with the under privileged ahead of the Independence Day celebration.

According to the coordinator of the special services, Toe Wesseh, President Weah is always concern about his people and sees the donation as few of more to come for his people.

“Bomi, Grand Cape Mount amongst other Counties are also benefiting from such 26-day gesture,” Mr. Wesseh, added.

In brief response, Emmanuel Barclay shower praises on the Liberian leader for putting smiles on their faces especially during this crucial economic period.

Mr. Barclay was quick to point out some of their challenges as limited beds, lack of electricity and water which they appealed to the president to address for them, going forward.

This year’s donation is mainly focusing on local hospitals and clinics including disabled communities as more supports and good will gestures are in the making for the vulnerable population of Liberia. Credits: Julius Konton

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