Special Elections for 3,000 voters Thursday

MONROVIA Dec 9—The Chairperson of the National Elections Commission-NEC told reporters Wednesday that special elections will be conducted for 3,000 voters who were  denied voting rights on Tuesday, December 10,2020.

Citizens in three of Liberia’s fifteen Counties constituting four precinct are expected to cast their ballots today, December 10, 2020.

National Election Commission (NEC) Chairperson Davietta Browne Lansannah named Gbarpolu, Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties where citizens will be voting on today due to some circumstance beyond the commission control.

Madam Davietta Browne Lansannah said those affected are in three counties Gbarpolu, Nimba and Grand Gedeh. According to her, in Gbarpolu County Electoral District number three, Precinct Code number 45039, comprising four polling places with 2,021 registered voters, did not open because the Town Chief of the area ceased all of the ballot boxes for unknown reasons. After it was seized the report was made to the commission.

In Nimba, there were two precincts.  Those there did not vote due to the unavailability of polling staff. It happened in Similarly; in Lower Nimba, Electoral District six, Tappeh Memorial School, she stressed that two temporary staffs of NEC took home the ballot boxes for safe keeping even though the seal indicated on it were the same as the original ones.  with Precinct number 33052, with one polling place of 290 registered voters.

Madam Lassanah further revealed that In Electoral District three in Grand Gedeh County , specifically at Bargblor Public School, the NEC boss pointed out that 430 people also did not vote, because some citizens told their kinsman not to vote on grounds that there was different County name indicated on the ballot box instead of Grand Gedeh, even though she said the stick place on the box was for 15001, Grand Gedeh Code. It has one polling place of 430 registered voters. Some citizens said they did not vote because their names  spelled differently.

According to her, investigation teams have been sent  by  NEC for verification.

“There would be no grave impact because these incidents are not grave enough to overturn the process. We have been addressing them heads on,” she said.

“We have put in place mechanisms to ensure that what I previously red to you concerning where trouble was and where elections are not held , we are sending assessment teams there to gather the facts and those places where we have no elections will be held there,” she further said.


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