Speaker Chambers Shields CBL Boss


The Speaker of the House of Representatives has prevented the appearance of Central Bank Governor Nathaniel Patray in open plenary.

This was done during Tuesday’s session when River Gee County Rep. Francis S. Young, wrote the plenary raising concerns over some US$6.5millions intended to develop the Agriculture sector.

In the River Gee County’s lawmaker communication to the plenary, he requested that they invite the CBL Governor, Nathaniel R. Patray to explain reasons why the US$6.5millions intended to be infused within the  agriculture sector has not been used  or if expended , who are those the beneficiaries of the fund.

Giving the background of the US$6.5millions, the River Gee lawmaker said in 2015 former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf helped through the agenda for development and   in an effort to buttress and help Liberian citizens who have been incapacitated as a result of the distribution of the war.

He said ” whatever fund intended for the sector must be utilized to the fullest in order to be on path with other nations within the sub -region of West Africa in terms of agriculture development”.

Rep. Young, who is the co-chairperson on Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery told his colleagues that it is important for the right things to be done when it comes to empowering the ordinary people of Liberia.

The lawmaker said there are documentation that shows that the US$6.5millions didn’t reach the rightful beneficiaries.

But when the lawmaker of River Gee communication was read and shortly deliberated upon, a motion was sought by the speaker.

The motion sought and raised by Nimba County District #3 Joseph Nyan Somwarbi didn’t receive a second, the Speaker managed to force the motion on the plenary of the House of Representatives and took a yea-nayea vote thus disallowing the CBL Governor to appear before that body as requested by the River Gee county lawmaker and all other lawmakers quest to ensure that Governor Patray appears.

This is not the first time for the Speaker of the House to disallow members from the Executive Branch of Government.

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