Speaker Chambers Accuses NEC Magistrate


Speaker Dr. Bohfal Chambers has been alarmed over what he calls election malpractice by the National Election Commission (NEC) Magistrate in Maryland County.

The Speaker told a team of reporters that the National Election Commission results from Old Sodoken are inaccurate and responsible for the misunderstanding amongst citizens of Pleebo Sodoken District which has been promoted and influenced by NEC Magistrate, Hondoria Sadee.

According to Speaker Chambers, instead of having 550 ballot papers in total, the Old Sodoken polling center reported 962 ballot papers without further explanation to his representatives who were assigned to the center something he terms as totally against the Election Laws of Liberia.

People are getting indispensable and the law says 550 and not 952 except in special cases which we have not gotten clarity from NEC reasons best known to them,” speaker Chambers indicated.

Dr. Chambers added, that the Old Sodoken polling center reported 412 as used ballot papers while on the other hand reported 962 as unused ballot papers.

The Speaker also used the occasion to express disappointment in Senator James P.  Biney, Senator of Maryland County who he says has initiated meetings across the District for Anthony F. Williams’s election in Pleebo District, Maryland County.  

Dr. Chambers added that Senator James P. Biney through envy has conducted meetings with citizens to protest in Pleebo Sodoken District in the vine of calling NEC to announce results in favor of Anthony F.  Williams and Joseph Neyam Boakia which he sees as unlawful and unprecedented coming from a Senator he made and campaigned for in the 2020 Elections.

Dr. Chambers who was elected in 2005, 2011, and 2017, has been challenged by ANC Representative candidate Anthony F.  Williams with a slack margin for the first time in Pleebo Sodoken District’s history according to NEC’s progressive record of the count reports.

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