Speaker Appoints Koon

By Mark N. Mengonfia

House Speaker, Jonathan Fonati Koffa has appointed District #11 Representative, Richard N. Koon to Chair the House’s Ad-hoc Committee on inauguration.

The appointment came days after Koon was defeated by House Speaker Koffa. But it seems that the two have placed issues of the just-ended elections behind them and moving on with the workings of the House of Representatives.

Making the appointment on Thursday, January 18, 2024, the Speaker said he could not appoint committee members yesterday because he had yet to get the credentials of his colleagues to place them on the right committees.

The Speaker said he will work harder to ensure that the committees are appointed if not this weekend, on Tuesday of next week at the latest.

“Haven said that there is business to be conducted. There is an inauguration to be held, and there are administrative issues like office spaces and so on. In that regard, I will set up an Ad-hoc committee that will be responsible to handle these two things,” Speaker Koffa said.

He named Richard N. Koon and Maima Briggs Mensah as Chair and Co-chair respectively. As it is now, lawmakers have not been assigned their offices. This has made some new lawmakers to take keys of offices they think will be conducive for them.

But the Speaker requested all those who have taken for themselves offices that were not assigned to them by the leadership of that body to turn the keys over as it is the work of the administration to assign offices to lawmakers.

“We always have this every six years. People go and seize offices. This is not a military government; you have to be assigned to an office designated for you,” he cautioned his colleagues.



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