Speaker and challenger supporters claim victory

PLEEBO- Oct 13-Supporters of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers and his main challenger Anthony F. Williams are claiming victory in the elections in Maryland.

Supporters of Anthony Williams sang slogans like: ‘go Bhofal go. We tied with you. Corrupt Bhofal. We do not want you.”

For Chambers supporters, they sang;” Bhofal all the way. One Round all the way. No way to cheat. Bhofal is our leader.”

Due to the ongoing confrontations, the National Elections Commission has called for calm and called on all supporters to refrain from any act of violence.

Earlier, this week, results from one precinct in Old Sodoken, comprised two polling places, were beset with huge contention that led to the appearance of a ‘Country Devil’ outside. This led to all CDC observers to flee from the area. There has been calls by both parties to recount the votes. But this is yet to be verified.

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