“Speak On SGBV Issues”


-Right Activist Urges Men in Liberia

As Liberians join the rest of the World to celebrate International Men’s Day, the National Coordinator and the founder of ‘He For She’ Crusader Liberia, Tamba F. Johnson wants men to speak on issues in the country; especially domestic violence against them.

‘He For She’ Crusader Liberia is a nongovernmental organization that envisions a society free of marginalization and violence in which women or girls and marginalized groups can enjoy their full human rights to life and justice among others.

Mr. Johnson observed that there are issues that men are faced with, but communities and society continue to turn their back on them thus affecting men in society.

“80% of violence carry out across the world are caused by men, so we especially as organization want to find out reasons responsible for such act on the part of men,’’ Mr. Johnson explained.

According to him, men have been violated on so many occasions across Liberia, but have refused to speak out on those issues which have given rise to some men committing suicide, and engaged into other forms of domestic violence against their wives, community and society at large.

Speaking Thursday November 19, 2020 in observance of International Men’s Day in the Slipway Community in Central Monrovia, Johnson called on men to speak out and act appropriately in order to end violence against men and women in society.

Mr. Johnson noted that the importance of the celebration by his organization is to raise those issues that have and continue to affect men especially the issue of beating on men by their wives and other domestic violence.

“The aim of the event is to promote basic humanitarian values and to raise issue affecting the success of men in society,’’ he said.

In remarks, the chairman of West Point Township, Josiah B. Toe thanked the organization for carrying out such initiative that will educate men to report on issues affecting them.

Mr. Toe however used the occasion to admonished men to halt and completely stop the issue of rape and other forms of domestic violence.

“We are currently creating awareness for men engagement to sexual and gender based violence and other domestic violence in the township of West Point and we hope other communities can follow us do the same in their communities by serving as ambassadors for men,’’  Toe said.

Mark P. Morris for his part welcomes such awareness by men in the country by helping to reduce violence against both male and female.

International Men’s Day is an annual event that is celebrated on the 19th of November to celebrate the achievements and contributions of men to nation, society, community, family, marriage and Children.

This year, the day is celebrated on under the theme’’ better health for men and Boys’’ intending to make practical improvement to the health and wellbeing of the male population.

International Men’s Day was inaugurated in 1992 on February 7 by Thomas Oaster and in 1999 the event was revived by Jerome Teelucksing who chose November 19 to acknowledge his father’s birthday. Contributed by Alfred Kollie, alfredkolliejr92@gmail.com

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