Snowe Admits Compromise In Pro-Temp Election

By, Washington Tumay Watson

Monrovia-Jan-17-TNR: Bomi County Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe has justified the objective for which the Senators compromised the pro-temp election in favor of Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence and other elected leaders of the Liberian Senate winning on White Ballot.

According to Senator Snowe who is Liberia’s Representative to the ECOWAS Parliament, the Liberian Senate is a House of Elders that always decides the interests of the country.

Speaking Thursday, January 16, 2024, on Ok FM, the Bomi County lawmaker noted that it was going to be an obstacle at the Liberian Senate if Senators from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and its alliances and the Unity Party (UP) and its alliances were to stay with their ambition.

“The CDC Senators and those of us who are independent candidates and are caucus members of the CDC bloc were 15, the Unity Party and their alliances were 15, Senator Jeremiah Koung who is yet to be inaugurated as Vice President still has a voting right; he was on the floor, as a matter of facts he cast the white ballot for Senator Prince Johnson when I nominated him as Chairman on Internal Affairs; so the number was 15-15 and that’s when statesmanship came in with the outgoing Pro-Temp and former Senators to ensure that through the Senate budget,we organize a two-day retreat which was facilitated by former River Gee County Senator Conmany Wesse,” Sonwe disclosed.

Senator Snowe asserted that during the retreat, Senators were informed on the workings of the Liberian Senate including the dress code, and at the end, they went into a closed-door meeting where the former Pro-temp from Grand Kru County, Senator Albert Chie indicated that the Senate is a political House stressing that, “The CDC and its alliance have a bloc of 15 persons which wants the pro- temp position and Unity Party and its alliance have a bloc of 15 persons which also wants it, so what can we do?“

During the closed-door meeting according to Senator Snowe, every Senator was given a chance to express his/her views on the matter with some independent candidates playing vital roles in the negotiation process something that resulted in Monday’s decision.  

Senator Snowe then dispelled reports on social media that Senators were given money to decide for a female Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate.

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