SNOW Vows to Expose Dillon If-

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The By-Election within Bomi County is now taking serious political  trend.

Bomi County Senator Edwin Snow whose election to  the Liberian Senate created the by-election is taking issues with Montserrado County Senator Darlus Dillon for the later  attacking  his colleague  Senator  Snow.

This has not been accepted by Senator Snow. The election is expected for  November 16, 2021.

Senator Edwin Snow  is supporting an Independent candidate  Finda Alice Gborie –Lansana(wife of  former Senator, Gbaba Lansanah)  and Senator   Dillon is  supporting the CPP’s Candidate Charles S. Brown .

Recently,  Senator  Dillon and  Grand Bassa County  Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, during a campaign  event of  the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) candidate in  the Bomi County District #1 Representative By-election in Married Camp , senator Dillon alleged    that  if  the voters vote  for Senator Snow’s Candidate within the by-election,  they will be putting money  in his pocket.

He further indicated that voting for Senator Snow’s candidate will also mean that she and  Snow will lobby for President George Weah against the citizens of Bomi County.

“I was uncomfortable meeting with you in Married Camp because I was out of internet connection in a concession area, I am not use to it “he noted.

Senator Dillon told the residents that they are living   challenging lives without internet connectivity committing themselves   to take the people of Bomi County lack of internet to the plenary of the Liberian Senate.

He further indicated  that if  they vote  for senator Snow’s Candidate,  she will listen  to him  to sit with president Weah at his Jamaica Resort – an assertion that  did not go down well with  senator snow, prompting  him to take on  both  the social media  and  the airwave  to reject such allegation.

In Senator Snow’s reaction, he vowed to expose Senator Dillon of his hidden deeds over the years.  He did not elaborate.

“Talking about perfection, I know Dillon worked with me as a chief  of staff , I know  that  the distance between Dillon and perfection  is  the same distance  between  heaven  and hell , you come on the air and act as if   you go on the air and act like a perfect person , to denigrate your colleagues, you know  what I know,  so I will ask him  to desist , go and campaign   for  your candidate and stop attacking other people,” senator Snow indicated.

According to him, for too long the Montserrado County senator Dillon has gone untouched of  attacking other people.

“This  is  the same Dillon who  wanted  to  become senator just  the other day  and we all are friends and as my former staff,  I found out  to give him a helping hand  and we were out there helping him and out of certain,  Dillon has arrived ; he  is  the biggest guy  in town just going all-over  the place  and insulting” he indicated.

The Bomi County lawmaker further disclosed that  the Senator’s Assertion that the people   do not have internet was a deception, stressing that those in rural Montserrado County do not have internet facilities.

“When he and his political leader go on their safari, he  should stop attacking other people,” he said.

According to Senator Snow, Senator Dillon needs to be careful with his friends who know about him.

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