Skill Training With A Difference

-At Compassion Women Vocation Training Center

MONROVIA-Many at times, some women who do not have any former education and even those who are educated and do not have jobs are left with no option, but to sit at home and play ludu or do other things with their lives that are not impactful to them and their families.

This, according to Mrs. Jeminah Kpadeh caught her attention many years back thus forcing her into the operation of a vocational institution that will help women and girls make better use of their lives.

In an interview recently in Du- Port Road, Paynesville, the Executive Director of the not-for-profit women organization, Compassion Women vocation Training Center Mrs. Kpadeh said she and her husband started in 2017 with six students who expressed interest in advancing themselves.

She said her dream started coming alive in 2018 additional students added to the first batch of students.

“I know that something was about to happen and my dream of helping women was going to be realized,” she said with a smile across her face.

To tell our reporter that because she wants to make more impact in the lives of women and girls in Liberia, she and her partners decided to empower the beneficiaries with the six months charging the minimum of three thousand (3,000.00) Liberian Dollars.

She added that some of the students dropped out when they did not have the means to buy their requirements for practices to keep them on the training.

“So what we can normally do is to talk to friends who sometimes help to sponsor one or more students by paying their fees to keep them in the cycle of the training”, Kpadeh said.

The Compassion Women vocation Training Center ED said some students will come with passion, but weak financial backing.

“Because we want to make an impact, we allow them to be on the program and look for funding from people of goodwill just so that those who have expressed interest do not leave the program”, she added.

She indicated that as part of the means she employed to help the woman is by giving them the material for their practice with the intention of collecting the fund from them at a later date.

“It is not easy, but we cannot put them out so what I sometimes do is to give them materials which something students do not pay”.

Although all is not rosy, by she said,” I am very proud of one of my students whose husband is living with a disability. She does everything for the home and from what she learned from her she has built apartments.”

According to her, any other person who has an interest in the skill they provide can be like some of her students who are making positive impacts in society.

Prior to the enrolment of the man with a disability wife whose name Mr. Kpadeh withheld, narrated that she had early expressed interest in learning pastry but the lady did not receive any good reception from those she asked.

“So when the women came to Compassion Women Vocational Center, we accepted them. Of which one is now the owner of properties. She now has apartments of her own” Kpadeh said.

Mrs. Kpadeh boosted of some of the best vocational trainers in Paynesville and Monrovia who have carried immense transformation at the vocational school.

She boosted of the quality of skills they have impacted in the lives of mainly single mothers.

She intoned, “My aim is to help women and girls to leave from one stage to another in life”

Some of the skill training programs being offered at Compassion Women Vocational Training Center include Pastry, Tailoring, Interior Decoration, and Beauty Care among others.

Additionally, Mrs. Kpadeh is calling on the public to help their institution with additional scholarship opportunities for women at the institution to reach their potential in life.

According to her, the interest expressed by the women to attend the training program has increased adding that most of those who have expressed interest are less fortunate women around the Paynesville, Du-port Road area.



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