Skeleton In The Closet?

By Mark Neywon Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Two confidants of jailed former Liberian President, Charles Ghankay Taylor have disagreed over the allegation that Allen White wanted US$200k from them to help them and others associates of Taylor get delisted from the Travel ban and asset freeze.

Appearing on the Liberian Broadcasting System morning program Wednesday via telephone interview, Chief Cyril William Allen alleged that when he, Benoni Urey, and others were placed on travel ban and asset freeze, the War Crimes Court Chief Prosecutor, Allen White sent ‘gang’ to them asking for US$200 thousand as a means of setting them free to have easy access to their funds and be able to leave Liberia at any time.

Chief Allen said, “When we were on the travel ban and asset freeze for 12 years he tried to convince us through Hon. Benoni Urey to raise 200 thousand dollars for him to go and release us from the ban.”

But the All Liberian Party (ALP) political leader has distanced himself from such a revelation made by Chief Dr. Allen.

Continuing with the revelation about the payment of some 200k to Mr. White, Chief Allen furthered, “We did not believe it because we knew that this was a political issue and international issue far beyond Allen white.”

According to Chief Allen, Mr. White kept pushing and convincing them that he could take them from the travel ban and asset freeze “But I said to Urey if you have money to give to Allen White, please give it to us; we are the ones on the travel ban, we are the ones on asset freeze.”

Chief Allen indicated that he managed to convince his colleagues who were on travel ban and asset freeze to save their little money left with them and invest in their farms instead of giving it to Allen White which according to him, would have been wasteful.

He justified his action of being bitter against Allen White by saying that the man has misrepresented African leaders, presenting them the negative picture to the world something the Liberian Chief said has caused serious problems for African leaders over the years citing jailed former Liberian President, Charles Ghankay Taylor and the Sierra Leone scenario.

Speaking additionally, Chief Allen indicated that Mr. White was able to lobby for 300 million to build a Special Court in Freetown only to indict four persons; a process he said was being wasteful on his part to have spent much money which according to him, could have been used to benefit the ordinary citizens of Sierra Leone.

He said, “Court built has no impact on now.”

Speaking additionally, Chief Allen accused the one-time chief prosecutor of interference in the Liberian Judiciary system especially as it relates to the ongoing criminal trial between Benoni Uery and Alexander Cummings; something according to him, Mr. White has no right to do.

Chief Allen is recorded as one of the strong confidants to jail former Liberian President, Charles Ghankay Taylor who is servicing jail terms in the Netherlands.

According to him, Liberia is enjoying peace and stability and as such, they do not need the input of Mr. White in the internal affairs of Liberia as doing so, could cause another bewilderment that will misrepresent the interest of Liberians.

“We are enjoying peace and stability in our country,” he said.

Responding to the allegation that Allen White requested 200K for their release from travel ban and asset freeze, ALP political Leader placed in a call kindly asking Chief Allen to not mention his name in such matter.

“Good Morning, yes, I just call in to completely disassociate myself with the statement by Mr. Allen.”

He said it has been over 20 years and he cannot remember ever having such a discussion with Chief  Allen.

“I don’t want my name to get involved in what they saying that I negotiated with Allen White for 200 thousand and came to them to raise the 200 thousand and all that elh, elh, elh” he did not finish his thoughts on it apparently because of the anger he had upon hearing what was considered as a secret years ago being brought to light.

He added,” I did not discuss any money with Allen White nor did I come to Mr. Allen to ask him or anybody else to help raise any money. I do not want to be associated with such a discussion.”

He said whether the discussion in question was in his interest or not, he does not care about it and he does not want to be linked to it.

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