“Six-Year-Old Killer Is A Witch Too…”


-Assert Old Road Residents

By Esau J. Farr

Some residents of the Old Road Community near Monrovia have expressed frustration over the reported murder of a six-year-old child in the Congo Town-Peace Island Community by her aunty.

Little Madea, as she has been identified was reportedly beaten to death by her aunty, Mary Seaton last week on allegation of the child being involved in witchcraft activities.

The aunty of the child now detained at the Monrovia Central Prison alleged that the child was showing different signs of witchcraft activities ranging from toileting on herself in broad day time, profuse crying at night as well as siting and standing over her guardians at midnight while her guardians sleep.

Ms Seaton explained that on several occasions she informed her neighbors about the child’s action for intervention, but the more others advise the child, the more she discovered new ‘witch craft techniques’ or attitudes.

She furthered that the child was taken to several churches for her to be delivered from the perceived power of the dark world, but all in vain a situation the lady and her husband said only God could free them from it.

The lady at the center of the case disclosed that at certain point in time, she decided to carry the child to her biological parents, but each time she planned, she encountered financial hardship something she and her husband blamed it on the child.

“One thing that was strange in our home is that at times we could decide to take that child to her people in Grand Bassa, but each time we think about it, we can go out of money and things just become very tough for us”, the lady is quoted by some residents of the community members.

But expressing their disbelief over the action of the lady involved, some residents of the Old Road-Old Open Bible Community described the lady as a witch the fact that she who knows the pains of women from pregnancy to bringing a child up to call your name can be brave and beat on a child that can control to death without any remorse of conscious is no less than a witch.

Speaking in an interview with the New Republic Newspaper over the weekend, a closest neighbor to the family informed our reporter that the discovery of the death of the child was announced by zoegoes in the area.

Zoegoes are local or common criminals who terrorize community residents and rob them of their belongings and others.

The man who begged not to be named explained that the zoegoes disclosed that under that fateful cover of darkness, after the lady beat on the child to death, she was brave and broke the hands of the six-year-old, put her corps into an empty rice bag and called the common criminals to help her bury the child so as to pay them and destroy evidence.

It was at this juncture that the zoegoes quickly reported the matter to the Chairperson of the community fearing that the information could back fire or they could be implicated since they are already known as evil doers.

The matter then woke community residents up forcing them to stand in smaller groups discussing in amazement and fear even though it did come as a complete surprise since there have been increase in the wave of individuals killing each other across the country in recent times.

In recent times there have been report of boyfriend killing girlfriend, men murdering their wives or girlfriend, men taking away the lives of other men on account of extra marital affairs and children giving their parents to death a condition some Biblical scholars have termed as fulfillment of the scripture of the Holy Bible; ‘That in the last days, love will die cold, people be lover of themselves, ungrateful, disobedient and murders amongst others.

But further commenting on the death of the six-year-old child, residents of the Old Road Community pointed out that the lady in question should have done all she could to take the child to her parents if they suspected such behaviors that they could not contain, but to take away the life of anyone, especially innocent child as a result of constant and severe beating was not the solution to the problem.

According to court sources, the lady who is considered as the main doer of the act has been sent to jail for twenty (20) years while her husband has been sentenced for ten (10) years in jail for adding a abetting (facilitating the crime).

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