Situation calls for state of emergency


..lawmaker said

The  representative of district number eight, Montserrado county , Yekeh  Kolubah has said  there is  a need for  a state of emergency in the country due to the current financial situation.

He told a local radio Thursday. He is an independent lawmaker.

“There should be a state of emergency by now. They(government) get the money. They should bring the money. We do not trust this government to do the investigation,” he said.

“If there is any civil society group marching, you will see me among them,” he said.

He said  there was enough money in the country.  “You remember that at some point in time I said that there was enough money in this country. There is money in this country. Some people need to be flogged publicly on tis money issue by now.  I am am disappointed and frustrated now,” he added.

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