Sinoe To Benefit Modern Fish Center

By: Perry B. Zordyu Email:

As the empowerment of fish sellers and mongers remains paramount to the Weah-Taylor Government, the Government of Liberia through the National Fishery and Aquaculture Authority in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Authority is expected to launch what they term a state-of-the-art fish conservation center for fish sellers and the fishing community in Sinoe County.

The project is aimed at preserving fish caught by fishermen in the Atlantic Ocean which will ensure a consistent supply of fish to various marketplaces across the County.

Speaking over the weekend, NaFAA Coordinator Andrew Doe highlighted that the center will serve as a platform for exporting fish from Liberia to various parts of the world as well as available for sale in various local markets within Sinoe County.

The Coordinator of NaFAA maintained that despite the many challenges faced within the sector, Director General Emma Glasco is working on modalities to see the Fisheries sector to a standard of other European countries.

He praised Madam Glasco for their farsightedness in taking to the Southeastern region a life-changing opportunity for fishermen as well as fishmongers.

At the same time, Mr. Andrew Doe has disclosed that a three-day intensive workshop has been held in Buchanan. Mr. Doe said the three-day workshop was to discuss the implementation of projects within the fishing communities along the coast of Liberia.

He named Sinoe, Maryland, Grand Bassa, Margibi, Montserrado, Rivercess, and Grand Cape Mount counties that benefited from the workshop which involved officials from NaFAA and the FAO.

The NaFAA Coordinator did not tell when the fish center would commence but was optimistic about building a renowned modern fish center for the people of Sinoe County. Meanwhile,  the fish center is expected to be built in Greenville, the capital of Sinoe County.

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