Simeon Taylor To Take Seat at Senate

MONROVIA-Hearing Officer in the Grand Cape Mount County electoral dispute case, Friday, reaffirmed the court’s earlier decision, declaring Mr. Simeon Taylor of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), as of the winner of the 8 December 2020 Special Senatorial Election in Grand Cape Mount County.

But the complainant, Victor Watson, through his legal team,  accepted the ruling and announced an appeal to the Board of Commissioners, (BOC) of the National Elections Commission, (NEC).

In his ruling, the Hearing Officer, Atty. Fumba Swaray said, the complainant, Victor Watson has failed through the preponderance evidence to proof the allegations that Mr. Simeon Taylor voted two times and that there were pre-marked ballots during Election Day.

Atty. Swaray said the complainant did not proof through the preponderance of evidence that the signatures of poll watchers of Hon. Victor Watson were forged, neither did they proof that Mr. Simeon Taylor and his gangsters stopped their agents from entering polling places to observe the counting after polls were closed on Election Day.

The Hearing Officer said because the complainant, Victor Watson and his legal team failed to produce overwhelming evidence to proof their allegations, the Administrative Hearing has no other ruling but to dismiss and deny their motion as prayed for.

Meanwhile, the Hearing Officer of the National Elections Commission, Atty. Fumba Swaray has noted the exception  of Hon. Victor Watson, through his legal team, led by Cllr. Salibu Swary and granted the appeal to the Board of Commissioners, as a matter of law.   

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