Side Chicks “Beaters” Release Vivian On Bail

By: Perry B. Zordyu   Email:

The main actor in the most anticipated and trending video found on social media in recent times, Vivian Dent who was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison following her unlawful act towards Naomi Seekel has been set free on bail.

Madam Vivian Dent was released days ago on bail due to the intervention of a female group calling itself, “Side Chicks Beaters Association,” and other family and friends’ involvement.

Last month, Vivian Dent was arrested by the Liberia National Police in Yekepa, Nimba County and brought to the Police Headquarters in Monrovia where she was later charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and unruly conduct following a social media (Facebook) video that went viral in which she violently beat Naomi Seekel, a lady she accused of having an affair with her husband.

In the video, Vivian locked up victim Naomi Seekel (the alleged side chick) in a room and mercilessly beat her, and at the same time attempted to injure her with a shaping instrument. She was heard accusing Naomi of having an affair with her man and had been posting images of Stephen (the reported husband) on social media calling him daddy when she left to lay her late father to rest when Naomi invaded her relationship.

But weeks after her arrest, a group calling itself, “Side Chicks Beaters Association,” through its head, Suzan Gbangaye posted on her social media (Facebook) page that the group is in solidarity with Vivian and immediately raised US$1,500.00 with a balance of US$480 which was to be paid in due time to get Vivian Dent out of prison through a bond.

The group has finally succeeded in bringing back Vivian’s pride in releasing her from the Monrovia Central Prison on bail.

Upon her release, the group head, Suzan Gbangaye took to her social media page (Facebook) thanking the Almighty God and the Side Chicks Beaters Association as well as all other family members and individuals who were with them in this crisis and ensuring that their kind was released.

Madam Gbangaye furthered that despite Vivian’s release, she is optimistic of no reoccurrence of such devilish and diminishing acts by her sister adding that all is not lost for her to again join the team.

Vivian who was overwhelmingly seen with much excitement said, “Words are inadequate to express, let me thank big sister Suzan Gbangaye and the team for the unwavering support to see me out and to my friends, family and all who were desperately in need of my release; I say thank you.”

Meanwhile, Vivian Dent has promised not to be of said character and vows to continuously protect and uphold women’s pride.

Madam Suzan Gbanga, urged her colleagues to continue fostering the necessary responsibility adequately until Vivian gains consciousness void of traumatization.


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