… Sekou Kalasco Damaro


By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Special Presidential Aid to the Liberian Leader,  Sekou Kalasco has sharply reacted to the Political Leader of the  All-Liberian Coalition Party, (ALCOP), Sheik Kweateh.

Appearing on the OK FM Morning Conversation, Sekou Kalasco noted that the motives behind the unacceptable criticisms of Kweateh against President George M. Weah is that he is desperately in need of ambassadorial positions

The Presidential Aid indicated that on countless occasions Sheik Kweateh prostrated before him urging him to appeal to the Liberian Leader for the posts.

“Today, I say this that it is sad for a man who endlessly went to my house to beg me to ask President Weah to appoint him as ambassador to any Arab Country and will sit here and ridicule President Weah is very shameful,” he noted.

Kalasco mentioned that he is a man who believes in providing assistance to people.

“I have managed to help people get positions that they have desired of in government,” he noted.

The special assistant to President Weah pointed out Liberians have considered him as someone who is caring.

“I have communicated with Sheik using President Weah’s phone to discuss the issues of him being an ambassador to any of the Arabic countries.

The Presidential Aide disclosed that during his conversations with the Liberian Leader, he was assured that at the appropriate time, Kweateh would be appointed.

“Today, he has joined the opposition all because President Weah did not appoint him as ambassador,” he observed.

Damaro clarified that Mr. Kweateh was never a top-ranking member of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

According to him, Sheik’s disagreement to the party was focused on the job that he wanted from President Weah.

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