Sex With Dead Woman

-As 21 Years Old Man Forced To Sex Dead Woman, Goes Blind

What started as a business as usual has now gone from bad to worse as a man believed to be in his earliest twenties (20s) has been made blind for his life time.

Photo Credit: Never Lomo/ Inquirer

On February 5, 2019, a journey which began with a hope of returning home sound and saved later turned sour and bitter for Kadafi Barh, 21, who encountered funeral home workers and guards on that fateful evening hours of February 5, 2018.

It is alleged that Barh (the victim) criminally made his way at the AB. Davis Funeral Home in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County and was shortly encircled by security guards and other funeral home workers who unmercifully tortured him, forced him to have sex with a dead woman embalmed at the funeral home, a situation that he had no control over.

Not satisfied with the ill-treatment meted out against the victim, Barh alleged that the funeral home workers added insult to injuries by wasting a chemical used to embalm dead bodies in funeral homes in his faced that caused him to go blind for the rest of his life since that night.

With no support from parents due to the economic hard ship in the country, victim Barh is said to currently roam the streets of Zwedru City begging for his daily bread.

Victim Barh has been threw out from the house where he was staying by his guardians for reason unexplained. Since the incident occurred, government lawyers are said to be reluctant to prosecute the suspect, AB. Davis, owner of the funeral home who is alleged of saying he owns the town so nothing will come out of the case.

Last year, the matter was scheduled during the November term of Court, but it was postponed to the February 2019 term of Court but, it has again been postponed to the May term of Court this year.

This incident has been reported in the press on several occasions but little or no attention has been given to it.

The situation has made many to believe the statement that says “No justice for the poor” especially so when the victim (Barh) and his parents do not have money to fight his case on the legal battlefield in Liberia.

In a country or society where rule of law and human rights reign, such report can claim the immediate attention of its Ministry of Justice, Human Rights institutions or activists that such gross human rights violations must stop whether the rich or poor money or not let the law takes it course.

Furthermore, the Grand Gedeh County Attorney is allegedly reneging on exerting effort toward the situation due to unexplained reasons.

When contacted last year, AB. Davis denied the allegation and termed it as false and misleading. TNR

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