-By Pres. Weah In Spurring Nat’l Inclusiveness, Graft & Corruption Fight

MONROVIA-President George M. Weah has set yet another first-time-in-history record with the signing into law of a number of iconic bills towards spurring national inclusiveness and the fight against graft and corruption in the country.

The Bills enacted into law as of the President’s signature appended, include Dual Citizenship, which many political regimes before him shrugged despite public outcries about their discriminatory natures.

The President signed into Law the Alien and Nationality Law relating to Citizenship and Restoring the Citizenship Rights Lost As A Consequence of erstwhile legal Provisions.

The Dual Citizenship Bill signed by the President allows Liberians in the Diaspora to remain citizens after acquiring another nationality.

Also, the Bill states that those having dual citizens status will however be barred from serving as president, minister of finance, central bank governor or holding high-level positions in the national security or law enforcement sector.

Another historic Act is the Revenue Sharing Law of Liberia promoting decentralization and economic inclusiveness across the country.

He also signed into law the Act to Establish the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission and to Re-establish the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, Financial Intelligence Agency Act, and the Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Preventive Measures, and Proceeds of Crimes Act, An Act to protect witnesses to be Known as Witness Protection Act of 2021 as well as the Act to Protect Whistleblower Act of 2021 (July 29).

The Bills signed by President Weah at different time intervals between June and July 2022 are intended to provide adequate legal leverages and perimeters in line with the changing developments in the governance process of the country.

Additionally, the Bills are consistent with President Weah’s legal reform initiatives aimed at complementing the government’s development agenda.

Others include An Act to ratify the Amendment to the Financing Agreement – Tree Crops Extension Project II (ICEP) between Liberia and the International Monetary Fund for Agricultural Development, An Act to ratify the loan agreement between the Republic of Liberia and the African Development Fund (Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Project, An Act to Amend the Executive Law of Liberia and to Establish the Liberia Standards Authority, and An Act to Ratify the Financing Agreement (Investment, Finance and Trade Project) Between Republic of Liberia and International Development Association.

Also signed into law by President Weah is An Act to ratify the Investment and Incentive Agreement between the Republic of Liberia and Liberty Investment Limited,  An Act to Amend the Public Law to Establish the National Center for the Coordination of Response Mechanism, and An Act to Amend sub-sections 1,2(Q), 1,3,5, 1,4,3, 1,8,6,7,2 and of An Act to further amend part I (The business) Corporation Act) and Part III (Partnership and Limited Partnership Acts) of the Association Law, Title 5, Liberian Codes of Law Revised.

The Liberian Chief Executive also signed the Act to Approve the Restatement National Budget for Fiscal 2022 to provide for the expenditure of the Government of Liberia, an Act to Amend and Restate Chapter 30: Partnership of the Associations Law, Title 5, Liberian Code of Laws Revised, an Act to amend and restate Chapter 31: Limited partnerships, of the Associations Law, Title 5, Liberian Code of Laws Revised, Act to amend and restate Chapter 3: preferred ship mortgages and Maritime Liens on Liberian Vessels, of the Liberian Maritime, Title 21, Liberian Code of Law Revised, and the Act to Amend Section 10.2, 10.4 and 10.6 of Chapter 10 of the Criminal Procedure Law, Title 2 Liberian Code of Law Revised, to provide conditions for the time of, and Authority to arrest.

Also signed into law is an Amendment to Chapter 16 of the Criminal Procedure Law to Provide for Plea Bargaining, an Act to amend section 36 of the Judiciary Law Title 17 of the Liberian Code of Laws Revised to provide for the Appointment of Additional Relieving Judges for the Circuit Courts, An Act to Ratify the Agreement for the Encouragement and Protection of Investment between the Republic of Liberia and the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) and an Act to Amend Section 12.1 and 12.2 of Chapter 12 of the Criminal Procedure Law Title 2, Liberian Code of Laws Revised, to and provide for a new Standard on Preliminary Examination in Cases above the Tribal Jurisdiction of Magistrates Justice of Peace.

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