Several Flood Victims Drag To Court


By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Several flood victims in the Barnesville Town Hall Community have been dragged to court by Cleopatra Wade Cummings, Deputy Protocol Officer to the President.

Cummings’ lawsuit is seeking over Sixty one thousand United States (US$61,000.00) dollars from the aggrieved flood victims in the Barnesville Town Hall Community.

The action before the Barnesville Magisterial Court also alleged that Cummings’ home was broken into and her phone stolen upon the instruction of the community Chairman identified as Mr. Joseph Bestman.

Madam Cummings’ lawsuit comes at the time she had been convicted by Criminal Court “A” for stabbing a classroom teacher of GIG International School in the same area but has since allegedly escaped serving her jail term.

The convicted protocol officer was adjoined guilty and due to serve a three-year prison sentence at the Monrovia Central Prison, but has smartly escaped that by taking an appeal before the Honorable Supreme Court, something she’s yet to pursue, since June 26, 2022 (outside the statutory period of 15 days for a person disagreeing with a Judge’s ruling to take appeal).

The flood victims were dragged before the Barnesville Magisterial Court after an agent of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had allegedly gone to do an assessment of the place following major flooding on July 10,2022, at which time, it was established that the President’s Deputy Protocol Officer Cummings was responsible for the flooding in the area, as her fence was built in the alley.

On this basis, she was phoned by her caretaker on the order of the community’s leader to see how best they can find a solution, but Cummings did not show up, instead, she sent a guy only identified as Matthew, who is also believed to be another care taker of Cummings.

It was reported that discussion could not be held, because the matter was beyond those sent to represent Cummings.

Later, Madam Cummings complained that her Samsung Galaxy notes eight edge was taken away from her caretaker by the community Chairman and other dwellers for attempting to do a video recording of the scene, and that her newly built fence was broken into by the dwellers.

Cummings told the court during last Thursday’s hearing that her phone manufacturing cost is sold for a thousand plus United States dollars and worth US$9, 50.00 in recent day.

When being examined by the court to produce a receipt of the phone in question, Cummings could not present any receipt to that effect but displayed photo of a phone back which she claimed to be the Samsung Galaxy note eight edge.

Cummings later somersaulted that the phone in question was bought by her brother who is currently in the United States, on this basis; she could not produce the receipt as requested.


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