Several Defeated Candidates Endorse Weah

Several congregate of defeated candidates in the just ended October 10, Presidential and Legislative Election, led by Mr. Paul KoulboiKennedy have endorsed the reelection bid for the continuation of President George M. Weah’s development agenda.

Paul Koulboi Kennedy a Senatorial Candidate originally from Bopolu who won over 5,000 votes joined by Alfred GayflorKoiwood another Senatorial Candidate with over 9,000 votes and other Representative Candidates including Titus Kamara, JomahScott and Fatu Sheriff Schmidt Representative Candidates endorsed the reelection of President George Manneh Weah and Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor.

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor received the endorsement on behalf of President Weah in Bopolu City, expressing gratitude and excitement for the composition. Earlier, Liberia’s First Lady Ambassador Clar Marie Weah hailed the decision by dozens of residents of District#17, Montserrado County, to endorse the 2ndterm bid of President George Manneh Weah.

Speaking at the endorsement ceremonies, recently, in the VOA and Parker Corner Communities, the First Lady described the move as democratic and patriotic.

“Today, you demonstrate one of the tenants of democracy, the right to choose and the freedom to exercise that right,” said First Lady Weah as she praised the residents’ swiftness in rethinking after voting for their respective opposition parties in the October 10 polls.

“Though you decided not to vote for him in the first round like some, I am quite pleased that you have now chosen to exercise the choice democracy gives you and now declare that with what you have seen and now understand that your President, the leader you have always believed in, the person who restored your dignity is a man that hasn’t changed. He is a person of integrity and a man of his word. He will never fail you, she added.

Dozens of partisans from some opposition political parties endorsed President George Manneh Weah on the basis of his numerous development initiatives and commitment to do more when re-elected. Led by Alvin N. Sonpon, the residents were partisans of Unity Party, Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the African Liberation League (ALL), among others.

Alvvin said the President’s hand work or development initiatives were undeniable noting that they could not continue to dismiss such achievements only because of being in the opposition. He named the payment of WASSCE fees, the tuition free policy at all public universities (undergraduate level), and the construction of roads, among others, as some of the president’s impactful projects.

Alvin, who was a fierce critic of the Weah led government, said his group of intellectual militants was resolved to campaign vigorously to ensure the President’s victory. He expressed his desire to support President Weah recently when the President turned the lights on in Virginia, Brewerville, connecting several homes to the national power grid through the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

According to him, the lack of electricity in his community and District# 17 as a whole was a primary reason for going against President Weah during the first round of the elections.

Embracing him in the midst of a huge crowd, the First Lady was grateful that many persons from various opposition political parties were changing their minds, noting that they were wise.”Thank you. I am happy you now realize that our country is on the path of development, which will open the eyes on many others,” she reiterated.

The First Lady urged Liberians to see reasons in reelecting President Weah as he remains committed to improving their lives and making the country better.

“President Weah has been working hard in the interest of all you. He has kept his promise to build the roads. Our country is 176 years old, and it is sad that in 171 years, our country didn’t have roads,” Mrs. Weah asserted.

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