Senator Wisseh Differs With comrades


BY: Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-A Stalwart of the  Unity Party, RiverGee County Senator Conmany Wisseh has strongly differ with some of his comrades for early deceleration of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) standard bearer position.

According to him, such attitude on the Part of some of his friends and leaders of the CPP to declare their support to any of the candidates is contrary to the CPP Framework Document.

Speaking Monday on the OK Afternoon Conversation, the Unity Party Stalwart did not declare his support to   the political leader of the unity Party Joseph Boakai for the CPP standard Bearer.

“I am a very serious person who supports processes; we agree  that as political leaders in our parties that today , the stage at which we are, we elected our standard  bearer for Unity Party Mr. Joseph Boakai and ANC  elected  their standard Bearer Alexander Cummings, we say  the two of them should carry out   consultations , it is not  the correct  thing  to do for me or anyone  who  is not part of that process  to start  making declaration, we want  them  to do it; so as a serious  leader, I am not going  to be led  to make such a statement, we must succeed consistent  with  the process  that we signed out  to” he indicated

Senator Wisseh however predicted prospect within the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in the  shortest time.

According  to Senator Wisseh, all of those political disagreements  are intended  to make a decisive decision  on how  to lead  the CPP ticket   for  the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections.

He said it is clear fact that no one individual and a political party can win the presidency in the 2023 presidential elections.

“One man going alone no matter what  they think,  they  do not lead  them  to victory ,so  all of the  parties have come  together  realized  that they  could not make it alone, Unity Party  came  in  the 2017 election as second  and sat down in a meeting  with  three  other parties and  say  that  we want  to go into a CPP arrangement  and we have  the framework  document  that  is in force” Senator  Wisseh indicated.

He further indicated that, those who have alleged that the CPP framework document were tempered with, they are unable to prove their allegation.

Senator Wisseh said because the accusers are unable to provide evidence, he considers that the CPP framework document will work.

He  disclosed that the CPP Leadership is using the framework document to implement all of the agreements on how to arrive at who will lead the CPP Ticket.

“In line with the FD, we have two individuals who are vying for the CPP stander Bearer, they are Joseph Boakai  of Unity Party  and the Alternative National Congress (ANC)Alexander Cummings , these two people  will consult between  themselves , the two people  who are  the candidates” he noted.

Senator Wisseh additionally revealed that  if  the  two candidates fail to reach an agreement between  themselves , they will get eminent person  to talk  to  them stressing  that if that person doesn’t succeed than  they will do perception survey.

According to him, the fourth level in getting the CPP stander Bearer per the Framework is the convention that is provided for by the election law of Liberia.

“That convention is observed by the National Elections Commission of Liberia, and at the end of it the two people contesting one person will win, so there is no change that CPP will not come out with a standard Bearer” he said.

Senator Wisseh further said   the selection of the CPP Stander Bearer will be in line with the election law of Liberia that is slated for 2022.

“The people of Liberia have a right because they think very highly about the CPP, they have to worry about what is going on, because people really want proper change” he said.

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