Senator Snowe warns

MONROVIA- The newly elected senator of Bomi County,  Melvin Edwin Snowe has issued a stern  warning to Liberians  that  the 2023 elections may  lead to serious problems  if nothing urgent is done to look at the elections law.

Liberians are expected to go to the  polls in 2023 to elect  73 represent eves and 15 senators in line with the constitution of Liberia.


But  Snowe said the current wave of court action  by aggrieved parties following the just ended mid-term  senatorial elections does not show a good  image of the  upcoming elections if all senators and representatives decided to go to court in 2023 if they felt  disenchanted.


About five candidates went to court after the elections due to what they termed  fraud during  the elections that took their opponents into power.


Snowe  made the statements Thursday to legislative reporters to Capitol Hill.    He said  it was important for the NEC to address issues emerging from the elections in the framework  of  time in keeping with the law. Most of the cases, according to him, were what he called cheap.


 “It’s either we set up a special court for election dispute or we agree that when the elections commission announce you [as] winner, they should certificate you and you take your seat like it is done in other countries,” he said.


He added: “When you’re guilty, you leave; and if you’re not guilty, you continue your work.”


Snowe who  served in the lower house for over ten years in district six in Montserrado county and once served as  Speaker, won the senatorial seat in Bomi county, outside of Montserrado county.   He  won former speaker, Alex Tyler in a highly contested race which, after his election,  was taken to court by Tyler on grounds that  the process was unfair. He  later won the battle and  was certificate by NEC.




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