Senator Nuquay Promises Mobile Clinic For Margibi Residents

By: Mark Dunbar (Intern)

MONROVIA-Margibi County Senator Emmanuel Nuquay has promised to provide more developmental projects for the people of Margibi County.

According to Elibenizer  Max Wilson,  An Executive of the People’s Unification Party (PUP),  Senator Nuquay did promise the people of Margibi County Mobile Clinic to enable the citizens to get affordable medication in those areas without medical facilities.

He said with that commitment by Senator Nuquay he was able to provide vehicles that will take people that are sick to the clinic, something that he has been able to achieve.

“Senator Nuquay promised the people of Margibi County Mobile Clinic to enable the people of the County to get good and Service medication, However, the Senator promised to provide vehicles that will take people that are sick to the clinic and he is doing those things,” he said.

Wilson further said the Former House of Representative Speaker is not prepared to leave up any individual hands up in Margibi County for the upcoming general and presidential elections.

According to him, the political leader of the PUP wants everyone who is vying to be independent.

He further disclosed that Senator Nuquay vowed to ensure that every individual who is prepared and ready to run in the upcoming General and Presidential Elections,  should prove to the people of Margibi County that they are strong enough to lead the people of the  County.

Wilson further indicated that Senator Nuquay has been working very hard for the People of Margibi in developing the County.

“During, 2017 Elections Senator Nuquay of Margibi County begun to unite the people and the entire County through development in various communities, town, and villages including Marshall. I believe that senator Nuquay can give more developments for the people of Margibi County,” he noted.”

Wilson further explained that Senator Nuquay is a man that believes in developing human resource development and the County.

“In 2020 Senator Nuquay never had the intent to run for the Liberian Senate but however, others begin to support the Senator, and today, he is serving as the Senator for Margibi County” Wilson noted.

He said Senator Nuquay is prepared and willing to stand with the People of Margibi County from Harbel to Marshall in transforming their lives.

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