Senator Kanneh Urges Gbarpolu Citizens to Unite

By: Washington Tuman Watson-

Gbarpolu County Female Senator Botoe Kanneh has urged citizens of the Gbarpolu to see reason to unite for   the transformation of their country.

According to her,  it is only  through unity  and  peace  that  those challenges  that  the county and its citizenry  are faced with can become  a history.

In her Unification Day massage to the people of Gbarpolu County under the Title: “Let’s Mend the Broken Pieces” indicated that Life has never been an easy ride.

She admitted that the path had been tough and rocky, stressing that the challenges have actually been real and serious for the people of Gbarpolu County and Liberia at large.

In her massage: “I have fought with every zest to appease friends, families, love ones, workmates, colleagues and my kinsmen; but earthly appeasements cannot just be realized easily. So we erred in achieving some”.

The female Senator  who during  the special Senatorial  Elections, was intimidated  by   traditional devils, said that she has committed herself in trying to change what is around them, stressing that  from  a place of hate, envy and deception to a County of global village of love, oneness and   for every earthly being.

The Independent Lawmaker of Gbarpolu County told the citizens that she was unable to have achieved those things that will foster peace and unity.

“People may always not be happy with me when I take some strong decisions, simply because said decisions may not have a positive impact on others immediately, even if it’s in the right trajectory towards achieving a lifetime goal. “Such is life” she said.

Senator Kanneh furthered that it is not always rosy, emphasizing that her goals for Gbarpolu County as a Senator will be achieved.

“It’s much more difficult when you tried to satisfy everyone while marking those goals.

Abandonment, disassociation and disintegration are amongst key factors that affect your push for greater heights”, she indicated.

Senator Kanneh told the citizens of Gbarpolu that no man survives on his/her own understanding, noting that it is through collectivism they as people of the county can achieve those goals.

“I challenged you to take the step, but remember to look back and mend the broken pieces, let’s mend those broken pieces if we intend to move freely and swiftly as a County’’, she encourages the citizens.

She challenged the people to fix the broken pieces so that they can always feel the warmth of those around them.

“Let’s Fix our broken pieces and allow ourselves to live peaceably while we travel life’s journey. It’s important that we mend the broken pieces so that in oneness, we can foster national growth and development”, she said.

The Gbarpolu County Senator disclosed that she is   aware of the disappointments and life setbacks around her, but “Let’s Go, Please forgive me and let’s reunite”



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