Senate US$5 Million Stealing Case Gets Underway

MONROVIA-The Senate secretary, Nanborlor Sengbeh
five million United States dollars criminal case opens next Tuesday, August 17, 2021, at criminal court “C” at the temple of justice in Monrovia.

Nanborlor Sengbeh, Secretary of the Liberian Senate, George Wisner, Former Executive Director, National Investment Commission (NIC), Othello Karr, Incentive Officer, NIC and others were indicted last year for multiple crimes: economic sabotage, theft of property, forgery, and criminal conspiracy based upon a complaint by the government of Liberia through Hans Armstrong.

They were accused of duping Hans Armstrong, a Czech investor of five million cash and equipment to operate NHM Eko Liberia Limited, a Czech Republic own Company which he (Sengbeh) is believed to have 30 percent share while the Hans Armstrong (Czech Republic) has 70 percent shared.

The initial five million that was allegedly embezzled by Sengbeh in cash and equipment to kick starts the operation of a minding company in Margibi County, but it was later established by the Liberia anti-corruption commission (LACC) that Sengbeh did not used the money for the intended purpose rather diverted same for his personal gain.
Trial in these proceeding was suspended as a results of continuance pray for by Sengbeh legal team.
The court on Tuesday, August 12, 2021, mandated its clerk to notified parties involved in these proceeding that trial in this case will commence next Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

The court notice of assignment reads “You are further hereby commanded to serve this notice of assignment leaving a copy with each of the concerned parties of their counsels and have them to sign for same and subsequently have your official returns endorsed on the back of the original copy thereof, indicating the form and manner of the service and have same filed in the office of the clerk of this honorable court.”

Predicated upon the court notice, assigning the matter for next Tuesday, August 17, 2021, the ministry of justice which is that prosecuting arm of government, has written a communication to the senate reminding him of their previous communication to temporarily relieve Sengbeh of his post to face his criminal trial.
This, according to the Ministry of Justice, the action is to prevent conflict of interest or defendant Sengbeh from using his position to influence the trial.

The MoJ communication reads “We have received a “court’s assignment” for Tuesday, August 17, 2021, for commencement of a full blow trail and as such, we would like to remind you, honorable members of the honorable Liberian senate, to have Mr. Sengbeh, secretary of the honorable Liberian senate, and a criminal defendant in the captioned case, temporarily relieved of his post pending the final disposition of these criminal proceedings.”

The communication further, “Honorable President pro tempore and honorable members of the honorable Liberian senate, we also want to draw you attention to the fact that if the defendant Sengbeh, who was charged to court and indicted, as a result of the Liberia anti-corruption commission’s (LACC) investigation and is not temporarily discharged of his post and was allowed to stand trial, will cast a dark cloud over our criminal justice system, but with abiding faith, I trust that defendant Sengbeh will be temporarily relieved of his post, so as to allow him face criminal prosecution, being cognizant that criminal prosecution is not to convict, but to ensure that justice is held.

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