Senate Secretary Woe Deepens

MONROVIA-The Secretary of the Liberians Senate, J. Nanborlor Singbeh woe is now deepening as he is facing another crisis for alleged involvement in over US$30,000.00 dollars case.

Singbeh who is currently serving as Secretary of the Liberian Senate, was among several individuals investigated by the Liberia Anti- Corruption Commission (LACC) for Economic Sabotage, Theft of Property, Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Facilitation after which they were jointly indicted by the Government of Liberia for Prosecution.

As the result, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice is seeking for his recusal as Secretary of that august body until the matter is completed.

In a communication to the Liberian Senate dated Monday, June 28, 2021, Antorny General Frank Musah Dean is appealing to Albert T. Chie, Senate Pro-Temporary to discharged J. Nanborlor Singbeh of his official functions and duties as Secretary pending the full disposition of his Criminal proceedings.

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) request is intended to prevent Singbeh from influencing the trail while serving the Government and people of Liberia.

“Our request is made in good faith as anything short of this may dilute the essence of free and impartial criminal trial which is not to convict but to ensure that Justice is held; and also anything to the contrary may be considered smokescreen and deem under the subterfuge of rendering a free and impartial trial,” Cllr. Dean explained.

This case is now before Criminal Court “C” for Montserrado County and has been scheduled to be tried during this May 2021 term of Court after the conclusion of pretrial disposition, therefore prosecution has requested the court for an assignment in this cause of action.

The communication further reminded the Liberian Senate that he-Frank Musah Dean and Cllr. Sayma S. Cephus have distanced themselves as Attorney General and Solicitor General of Liberia respectively due to what they called conflict of interest.

According to them, both represented the private prosecutors in these criminal proceedings while they were not in government, as such the responsibility to prosecute the aforesaid case has been passed over.

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