Sen. Tokpa Pleas for Funding to Health Centers in Liberia

Says It’s Affecting The Quality Of Health Care Delivery System

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

GBARNGA- Bong County Senator Dr. Henrique Tokpa has made a passionate plea for adequate funding for health centers in the county and the Country at large.

Appearing as guest on a local radio station recently in Gbarnga, Sen. Tokpa said  there are constraints being experienced by health administrators in the county  that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency through acceptable support.

According to him, Hospitals and clinics around the country, those in Bong County, being no exception, remain largely underfunded which continues to adversely affect the quality of health service delivery in every aspect.

He said hospitals and clinics are completely empty, noting, no drugs or even fuel to run their generators.

There have been instances where surgeries and deliveries have taken place using flash lights, with hospitals and clinics most often out of fuel to power generators.

He revealed this must stop, adding, Hospitals and clinics aren’t the buildings, but the services they’re providing to our people.

Additionally, Sen. Tokpa also used the occasion to reiterate the need for all to work towards sustaining the peace in order to promote development, saying peace and development are interwoven.

Also commenting on prospects for economic transformation in Bong County, he said, it depends on a greater extent on the people’s adherence to those virtues that promote peace and tranquility.

“It is only a peaceful environment that is conducive for investment; investments that create job and improve lives. There are people who want to come to this country, but it depends on how peaceful the country is. I therefore humbly want to call on Liberians to make peace a must in 2021,” Sen. Tokpa asserted.

He disclosed that they as members of the Bong County Legislative Caucus  are planning to reintroduce the Madam Suakoko scholarship.

Senator  Tokpah, revealed that the scholarship program previously helped  youths of the County who could not afford the fees at the Cuttington University, the University of Liberia and other tertiary institutions in the country.

The “Madam Suakoko Scholarship” scheme was sponsored through the County Development Funds (CDF) and provided education opportunity for over three thousand youths of the county, but was suspended by the county’s leadership in 2012.

Sen. Tokpa believes the reintroduction of the madam Suakoko scholarship will help the downtrodden students in the County.

The former Cuttington University President further said if the County is to develop, the youths or the younger generation need to be educated in the County.

He said if they’re educated, they will help in the rebuilding process of Bong County and Liberia  at large.

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