Sen. Sherman Begs For Re-election

By: Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-Senator Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County is tacitly on bended knees begging and beseeching Cape Mountaineers to give him another term in office.

With the 2023 General and Presidential Elections staring, incumbent lawmakers and those aspiring to become lawmakers are beginning to test water,  to get their people attention.

Having served nearly for the past eight years since 2014, Senator Sherman is weighing his re-election chances, trying to implore the people of Cape Mount to give him another glorious opportunity of being their Senator.

Though endowed with some of the country’s brainy generations, Cape Mount lags in almost every sphere of development, and as one the country’s venerated sons, Cllr. Sherman is on the prism, with many regarding him as a failure while others hail him for performing to expectations.

While all of that supposed to be put to test in 2023 at the polls, the Senator is not taking anything for granted, as he is combing every nook of the county appealing for reelection.

The Senator’s failure to portray and demonstrate the appreciation principle following his election in 2014 is a major hurdle likely to hurt and harm his reelection quest.

The Senator is now running ahead of his shadow, begging for forgiveness  for failing to return  to the electorates to thank them.

Senator Sherman blamed such failure to reciprocate the citizens’ gesture towards him on  ‘national engagement  for  the county at  the Liberian Senate.’

He and his team are crisscrossing the county, attending not-too-clear petition programs for  reelection.

But some citizens, especially young people are also not cowering to the Senator’s tactics, as they are now discouraging  their  people  not  to give the Senator second term.

Anti-Senator Sherman Re-election Group spokesperson, Omaska Jallah said re-electing the Senator will be the greatest mistake Cape Mount County ever make.

“Since his election in 2014, he has not gone back to say thank you  to our people.  That was complete belittlement of our people; now  he is going back to beg for forgiveness for reelection in 2023,” he said.

Spokesperson Jallah called on the electorates to say no to the erudite Senator because he will not live up to expectations as he did not do so since he got elected.

“If Senator Sherman is reelected for the second,  he will not be able  to deliver because after  his nine years, his age will not permit him to vie for any elected position. This is to say that he will not have time  for  the people of  Cape Mount.

“Currently, he cannot articulate well because of his current health status. Because of that, Cape  Mount will not be adequately represented at the Senate,” he asserted.

This is not the first time Senator Sherman is being critized for not carrying on impactful development programs in the County.

President George Weah, during County Tour in Robertsports, expressed disappointment in Senator Sherman and other educated citizens for not undertaking tangible developments in his county.

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